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Memphis Woman Attacking Her Two Week Old Baby Perfectly Displays Mental Health Crisis in America

I want to put out a warning to people about the video I’ve posted here.  It is very disturbing. This may the first look we have at what post-partum psychosis looks like outside of a clinical setting.  Let me make … Continue reading

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Stop Allowing the Media to Fan the Flames of Racism

 We have to stop the slant of the Mass Media News.  The other day I came across this story about a bus a “black” bus driver that allowed “black” students to beat up a “white” student.  The video is hard … Continue reading

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We Are Failing Them

I had no idea that I’d almost piss myself laughing when I tuned into the Trayvon Martin trial yesterday.  Yes, I’ve been a bit absent here on RaisinEmReal, but I’m still alive, and yes I still notice everything that parents … Continue reading

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Drop The Octo, She’s A Mom

Nadya Suleman just can’t catch a break from the public.  News broke earlier this week that the mother of 14 had checked into rehab for help with an addiction to prescribed Xanax.  The pills, apparently given by her doctor during the height her media frenzy, have now turned into a problem of dependency.  I don’t know the full story, but I’m willing to bet that the dependency on the drug was not the primary reason for her mental health break.  Read More… Continue reading

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