Who Won The Gold Medals? Bruce or Caitlyn

caitlyn-jenner-boobs-060115I was waiting for this story to actually ask a valid question or make a serious point and finally, we have one ladies and gentlemen.  If I could ask Caitlyn just one question it would be this, “Who won the gold medals?” Don’t judge me!!!   I understand Gender Identity Disorder and that the DSM-V is probably misguided in the diagnosis definition, but as with any psychological disorder we cannot allow the patient to be absolved in fantasy.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel and or be the opposite sex.  Theories range from hormonal imbalances to neurological dysfunction.  I feel that it’s genetic in nature and society just hasn’t evolved enough to find a category it neatly fits in because it cancels out so much of what we’ve been taught.  The debate is not endless.  We will get there one day, but not if we’re afraid to ask questions like this.

622x350Caitlyn can’t just shed her past, declare herself a woman and keep moving without expecting her public to want detailed answers.  She was a male Olympic gold medalist. The question is simple. Was she a woman when she competed?  Most people that I’ve read about and talked to that are transgender all claim to have not been able to fully function as a man or woman in the eyes of society.  Bruce Jenner accomplished what most men can’t.  That can’t be ignored or forgotten.  I’ll accept her answer if I feel that it’s honest.  But seriously, don’t come out with a story like this and not be prepared to tell the whole story.  How can we learn what we need to do with our children in this uncharted territory if the person that is guiding us won’t show us the map?

Actress-Laverne-Cox-WeighsLaverne Cox told CNN, “we need diverse media representations of trans folks to multiply trans narratives in the media and depict our beautiful diversities.” And she’s so right.  It’s our responsibility to not just accept what is displayed before us, but to understand it.  Word has it that there is now a petition to take back the gold medals won by Bruce and if it’s successful, Caitlyn will have to answer the very question I so daringly and possibly insensitively asked at the beginning of this blog post.  Sensitivity doesn’t mean ignoring the elephant in the room.  We can still be sensitive, ask real questions, get real answers, and learn from the information provided.

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Technology Has Created A New Form of Child Abuse

balding-old-man-haircut-russell-fredric-fbThere seems to be a new internet trend involving parents recording disciplinary actions carried out on their children as they record it.  I’ve been surfing the net a long time and the one thing I can tell you is that well over half of what you parents are out here recording can land and has landed many of you in jail.  Examples of this range from parents forcing their children to admit lies they may have told on social media, to parents actually recording themselves dishing out physical punishments that sometimes are downright brutal and criminal in nature.

However, more disturbing than the acts in the video is the real agenda behind the video.  Sure, we all want to go viral.  That would be so cool.  And yes, you might make a little money from it if you marketed the video right.  But that kind of notoriety is life changing.  And when you put yourself out there like that, you have to be prepared to endure the downright evilness on the internet too.  Now if you want to make that decision for yourself, then fine, but to make that decision for your children is totally different.  And when you do put your children out into the World Wide Web, then you also need to be prepared to have your parenting style judged.  Because it’s going to be out there for the world to see.

Here’s an example:

(The video has been removed because Amanda Grant closed her Facebook account and took the video down from public view.  Obviously, after she read this blog post, still a great move mom.  I’ll still leave my words up for other parents to read and be inspired by.)

The child in this video was coaching her mother with the language and body language of an adult because the mother was crying over her deadbeat father.   Deadbeat Dads are a dime a dozen, but why is her mother allowing her to see what the deadbeat does on Facebook?  And whether or not he sends child support is never the concern of a child.  If it was, when the judge ordered it, he would have consulted the child too.  As parents, it is our ultimate responsibility to provide for our children with no excuses.  That includes their father being a deadbeat.  If he doesn’t want to be in your child’s life, do not become a weak woman in your child’s eyes just to prove what a deadbeat he really is.  How your children see you for the rest of their lives is what will ultimately develop the character into which they will become.  We are responsible for everything they hear, see, learn, and experience.  One parent shirking of their responsibilities is not a golden ticket for the other parent to do the same.  Take some responsibility.  If your kid is talking like THOT at age 7, she will be a THOT at age 17.  And then you want to post all of your dysfunction on the internet for the world to see and for her to have to spend the rest of her life living down.  Let’s face it, this woman didn’t need a pep talk.  She needs internet fame and she pimped out her daughter to get it.

And then this disgrace here:  

Thanks for letting the world know your 12-year-old step son is failing school and smoking weed.  I hardly think the problem is surface in nature and I hardly think that internet shaming him by shaving his head is going to solve that deep-rooted problem on your hands.  Now not only have you created a bigger monster by making him famous, you’ve failed to get him help at a critical stage in life.

Come on parents.  Discipline should never be a public act.  Viral humiliation can break children and scar them for life.  It’s not like the humiliation we experienced when our parents came up to the school and made a spectacle.  Viral humiliation destroys lives because the whole world watches it over and over again.  Before you hit upload, think about how this exposure could change your child for life.


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Mama June Gets The Duggars Fired

0521-mama-june-tlc-duggars-1According to TMZ Mama June is throwing a big fit over with the executives at TLC.  She claims that her show was canceled because she was pictured with a convicted child molester and the Duggars actually had one living with them as they tried to cover up his “misdeeds”.  Mama June needs to have several seats.  First of all bitch, you were pictured in BED with a child molester.  Don’t sugar coat it.  And it really didn’t help that the child molester was convicted of molesting your OLDEST child whom you’ve stolen from, called a liar, and outright abandoned for the man that molested her.  (photo credit TMZ.com)

TMZ also reports that Mama June has threatened TLC with a lawsuit claiming that she has lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars”  since her show was stopped abruptly and if the network didn’t pull the plug on The Duggars that she would sue them for “blatant unfair and inconsistent treatment.”  A few hours later, TMZ was reporting that TLC had pulled ’19 Kids and Counting’ from the network schedule.  Now I’m blaming Mama June without solid evidence mind you, but I have a hunch that I’m right.  After all, TLC has known about the molestation allegation since 2008, and they chose to wait until the public found out before cutting ties.  Is it me?  Or does every family that gets a show on TLC end up being dysfunctional and broken by the time they get canceled?  I stopped watching a long time ago when I realized all reality television is scripted.  The only real reality television show that ever existed is ‘Cops’.  Everything else is fake.

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Josh Duggar: A Chester? Or Age Appropriate Psycho-Sexual Behavior.

josh-duggar-bio-photoI’m the first to call a spade a spade and a chester a chester, but this newest Duggar Family Drama has me stuck on pause today. I can’t say that I’m a fan of America’s Most Wholesome Family so just because I have five kids, don’t expect me to throw them my undying support.  The way the story is coming out in the media is that Josh Duggar admitted to police ten years ago that he inappropriately touched five under-aged girls in which some of them were his sisters.  The way the supposed police report reads goes into further detail.  I say supposed because I’m still trying to figure out how any one got a hold of juvenile legal documents which I thought were supposed to be sealed. Even if it was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, when did we stop protecting our children?  But for the sake of argument, reports are saying that his confession admits to fondling several girls including his sisters while they were asleep.  I heard another unsubstantiated report that said the problem became so bad that his sisters were afraid to fall asleep at night which forced Josh’s father to report the now plural incidents to the church elders and seek counseling for the family.  Unfortunately, Jim Bob (whose name raises a red flag with me) decided to try and handle the problem in house first before realizing that it was out of his control and reporting the incidents to police.

The Duggars are under fire this morning.  I’ve heard some question how Josh could have learned such behavior, insinuating that the family sexual disturbances go deeper.  And I’ve heard others argue on behalf of Josh Duggar that it shouldn’t be a crime to be sexually curious at 14 years old.  According to Freud’s Pscyho-Sexual theory, Josh would have been at the Genitalia stage where his hormones and libido could, without proper supervision, drive him to act out sexually.  And I support that argument to an extent.  I can hardly watch the four I still have at home, I can’t imagine keeping up with everything that 19 children are doing.  It’s been ten years and no one else has reported Josh to be a pedophile, so I want to say it’s safe to assume that he has no uncontrollable desire to touch little children.  This may have very well been a stage in Josh that Jim Bob and Michelle may not have known what to do with and did they best they knew how. The separated Josh from the family and put him in intensive counseling which seemed to actually cure the situation.  It wasn’t until 2006 when Oprah’s old messy ass dug up something in an interview and decided to be extra and report shit to DSS rather than be up front and talk to the Duggars about it.

We have to stop overlooking the stages of development in our children when it comes to the law.  Yes, what Josh Duggar did was wrong and creepy.  But this is not uncommon for his age group.  My dear friend Attorney Jessica Peck in Denver, Co. has been fighting this fight for several years in the school districts in and around Denver.  She has had to defend several  students who were arrested at school for sexual battery for something minor as touching another student on the butt.  Some of the students she’s represented are still in elementary school.  So where do we draw the line?  When do our teachable moments turn into court dates?  I don’t really have an answer on this, because if I caught my 14 year old son exploring on his sisters, brother would be in the graveyard and Mamma would be in the pen.  By age 14 parents should have fully taught their children all about the birds and the bees.  Maybe not the Duggars because Jesus would never get a blowjob.  But for the rest of us heathens, we should have discussed sex with our children by age 14.  Josh knew that what he was doing was wrong when he was doing it.  I can’t say that he knew why it was wrong.  But he knew it was wrong.  He’s confessed to it.  The family has moved on.  Please drop this before Honey Boo Boo’s Mom’s argument that her family is better than theirs becomes valid.


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When Did Parents Stop Meeting The Teachers? Georgia Teacher Arrested For Allowing Students To Have Sex In The Classroom

0Well, it’s the end of another school year, and the media just can’t get enough of these teachers behaving badly.  Associated Press reported early this morning that a Stone Mountain Georgia teacher was finally arrested yesterday for his classroom shenanigans exposed by text messages over the last couple of weeks.  You can clearly tell in the text messages that busted him that he was not an English teacher.  Still, Math teacher, 25-year-old Quentin Wright, couldn’t seem to put 2 and 2 together to add up to the fact that it’s totally illegal to condone and contribute to the delinquency of a minor.  Even if it is allowing minors to have sex in your classroom closet and provide them condoms so that they can be safe about it.

Look, I am in no way condoning what Mr. Wright has done in this situation with that last sentence.  I am simply trying to give you a view of his juvenile way of thinking.  Mr. Wright no doubt felt that he was making a connection with the teens by understanding how difficult it is not to give in to the raging hormones of adolescence.  Teen sex has been happening since the beginning of human existence.  And for parents to stick their head in the sand like it’s not going to happen is very irresponsible too.  If your teen is going to have sex, your teen is going to do it with your without your consent.  Whether it be in the backseat of a car, or in the back of the teacher’s closet.  It’s going to happen.


The problem here is Mr. Wright had a responsibility to these teens to teach them sexual responsibility.  But what is that today?  All teens see in their entertainment is sex, sex, and more sex.  And we expect them to abstain?  It was just a couple of months ago that a teenager had to tell me what ‘Truffle Butter’ was.  Being that I love to cook, I thought it was butter and truffle mushrooms….ummmm, it’s not.  And you’ll have to Google that for yourself because I just can’t go there here.  Thank you, Nicki Minaj, for creating that uncomfortable discussion that I have to have one day with my younger kids since it was my oldest that schooled me on it.  And that’s the point I’m trying to make here.  We aren’t having these discussions and we’re leaving it up to school faculty who, if you haven’t checked lately, are kids themselves.  Some of these teachers are coming out of college with freshly developed self-regulation skills that still have yet to be put into practice.  Because teacher pay is so crappy, we are really rolling the dice on who will be educating our children while we’re at work.  I’m not making excuses for Mr. Wright, I’m just telling how it really is.  This man is 25 years old.  I hope that with the lax rules of society you didn’t think he was going to magically turn into a responsible human being because you gave him a degree.  He’s still a kid too.  And there’s nothing wrong with kids teaching kids, as long as parents and elders are properly mentoring them as they do it.  I’m not just calling out parents on this issue, I want to know where the administration was while this was going on too?  Hopefully not smoking pot with a student in the parking lot like Mavericks High School Principal Krista Morton in Florida.

student-and-principal<—–Side-Eye (Story Here)

Many may feel that now I’m overlooking Mr. Wright’s crime here.  I’m not. In our unfortunate sexually dysfunctional society, what he did was irresponsible and within the confines of the law, illegal. Which justifies his arrest.  I’d also like to give a shout out to the mom who discovered the text messages by going through your sons’ phone.  This a practice I preach about heavily.  However, we need to recognize as a society that the system is broken.  And as a society….we need to fix it.  We can no longer continue to enforce and embrace age-old traditions as societal norms evolve by leaps and bounds.  It’s no longer an overlookable offense to give your kid a smartphone and not talk to them about everything.  Everything.  And for those of you that think PTA meetings are boring (like I do).  Think again.  These meetings give you the opportunity to see who your child is spending their day with.  They have like a hundred of these meeting a month. They kill rainforests just to make you aware of them.  All you have to do make it to one or 50.  Sometimes they even offer to feed your kids dinner.  Had more parents taken the time to meet Mr. Wright, this may not have happened.  Knowing these children’s parents may have made him less likely to condone their sexual activity.

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Teacher Uses Belt to Break Up Fighting Students

Well this video seems to be taking the web by storm this weekend.  In the video, which the location of the school has yet to be confirmed, you clearly see a fight between students that is quickly escalating out of control.  A group of students are fighting and chairs are being thrown in what looks to be an elementary school in my opinion.  Then a male teacher enters with a belt and begins using it on the kids.  I must admit, it was a great deterrent because all of the children ceased the shenanigans.  Now the questions is, did this teacher go too far?  I’ll keep digging for more info while you chime in.

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Georgia Racists Principal says, “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Nancy_Gordeuk_c12-0-615-352_s561x327Nancy Gordeuk is still in the news as she fumbles over herself trying to correct an irreversible blunder.  First in an awkward video interview she states that she regrets what she said and that “God has forgiven her”.  Well, now the board of directors at TNT Academy has fired her announcing the dismissal in a letter to the NAACP as follows:

In light of recent events, the board of directors of TNT Academy has moved to dismiss Nancy Gordeuk as principal. During the coming transition, we will continue to prioritize support for our most recent graduates. Moreover, we will continue our commitment to providing students with the best educational classes, transcription services, and academic credit recovery possible.” – USA TODAY 

I’m sure this was a difficult decision for them to come to, as I’ve heard it reported that Gordeuk was the founder of TNT Academy.  Albeit a clever PR move on behalf of the school to keep it open for next year, somehow I just don’t buy that Gordeuk is going to be cut off from the school business altogether.  I just wonder if their final decision came before or after the email Nancy sent out to parents as an apology  for her behavior in which she was quoted saying, “The Devil was in the house and came out of my mouth.”  Awesome analogy Nancy. Now you’ve admitted to the world that the Devil is also within you at any given moment, even after God has forgiven you.  What’s next?  Multiple personalities?  Demonic possession? Someone has a Voodoo Doll on you?  Seriously, not only are you hurting the argument that not all white people are racists, but you’re confirming the argument that all Southern Baptists are.

Seriously Nancy, have a seat.

sit the fuck down award copy


Oh….and Paul Deen if you’re reading this, please reach out to Nancy.  You’ve been there before.  She really needs a friend right now.

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