Who Won The Gold Medals? Bruce or Caitlyn

caitlyn-jenner-boobs-060115I was waiting for this story to actually ask a valid question or make a serious point and finally, we have one ladies and gentlemen.  If I could ask Caitlyn just one question it would be this, “Who won the gold medals?” Don’t judge me!!!   I understand Gender Identity Disorder and that the DSM-V is probably misguided in the diagnosis definition, but as with any psychological disorder we cannot allow the patient to be absolved in fantasy.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel and or be the opposite sex.  Theories range from hormonal imbalances to neurological dysfunction.  I feel that it’s genetic in nature and society just hasn’t evolved enough to find a category it neatly fits in because it cancels out so much of what we’ve been taught.  The debate is not endless.  We will get there one day, but not if we’re afraid to ask questions like this.

622x350Caitlyn can’t just shed her past, declare herself a woman and keep moving without expecting her public to want detailed answers.  She was a male Olympic gold medalist. The question is simple. Was she a woman when she competed?  Most people that I’ve read about and talked to that are transgender all claim to have not been able to fully function as a man or woman in the eyes of society.  Bruce Jenner accomplished what most men can’t.  That can’t be ignored or forgotten.  I’ll accept her answer if I feel that it’s honest.  But seriously, don’t come out with a story like this and not be prepared to tell the whole story.  How can we learn what we need to do with our children in this uncharted territory if the person that is guiding us won’t show us the map?

Actress-Laverne-Cox-WeighsLaverne Cox told CNN, “we need diverse media representations of trans folks to multiply trans narratives in the media and depict our beautiful diversities.” And she’s so right.  It’s our responsibility to not just accept what is displayed before us, but to understand it.  Word has it that there is now a petition to take back the gold medals won by Bruce and if it’s successful, Caitlyn will have to answer the very question I so daringly and possibly insensitively asked at the beginning of this blog post.  Sensitivity doesn’t mean ignoring the elephant in the room.  We can still be sensitive, ask real questions, get real answers, and learn from the information provided.

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