Mama June Gets The Duggars Fired

0521-mama-june-tlc-duggars-1According to TMZ Mama June is throwing a big fit over with the executives at TLC.  She claims that her show was canceled because she was pictured with a convicted child molester and the Duggars actually had one living with them as they tried to cover up his “misdeeds”.  Mama June needs to have several seats.  First of all bitch, you were pictured in BED with a child molester.  Don’t sugar coat it.  And it really didn’t help that the child molester was convicted of molesting your OLDEST child whom you’ve stolen from, called a liar, and outright abandoned for the man that molested her.  (photo credit

TMZ also reports that Mama June has threatened TLC with a lawsuit claiming that she has lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars”  since her show was stopped abruptly and if the network didn’t pull the plug on The Duggars that she would sue them for “blatant unfair and inconsistent treatment.”  A few hours later, TMZ was reporting that TLC had pulled ’19 Kids and Counting’ from the network schedule.  Now I’m blaming Mama June without solid evidence mind you, but I have a hunch that I’m right.  After all, TLC has known about the molestation allegation since 2008, and they chose to wait until the public found out before cutting ties.  Is it me?  Or does every family that gets a show on TLC end up being dysfunctional and broken by the time they get canceled?  I stopped watching a long time ago when I realized all reality television is scripted.  The only real reality television show that ever existed is ‘Cops’.  Everything else is fake.

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