Josh Duggar: A Chester? Or Age Appropriate Psycho-Sexual Behavior.

josh-duggar-bio-photoI’m the first to call a spade a spade and a chester a chester, but this newest Duggar Family Drama has me stuck on pause today. I can’t say that I’m a fan of America’s Most Wholesome Family so just because I have five kids, don’t expect me to throw them my undying support.  The way the story is coming out in the media is that Josh Duggar admitted to police ten years ago that he inappropriately touched five under-aged girls in which some of them were his sisters.  The way the supposed police report reads goes into further detail.  I say supposed because I’m still trying to figure out how any one got a hold of juvenile legal documents which I thought were supposed to be sealed. Even if it was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, when did we stop protecting our children?  But for the sake of argument, reports are saying that his confession admits to fondling several girls including his sisters while they were asleep.  I heard another unsubstantiated report that said the problem became so bad that his sisters were afraid to fall asleep at night which forced Josh’s father to report the now plural incidents to the church elders and seek counseling for the family.  Unfortunately, Jim Bob (whose name raises a red flag with me) decided to try and handle the problem in house first before realizing that it was out of his control and reporting the incidents to police.

The Duggars are under fire this morning.  I’ve heard some question how Josh could have learned such behavior, insinuating that the family sexual disturbances go deeper.  And I’ve heard others argue on behalf of Josh Duggar that it shouldn’t be a crime to be sexually curious at 14 years old.  According to Freud’s Pscyho-Sexual theory, Josh would have been at the Genitalia stage where his hormones and libido could, without proper supervision, drive him to act out sexually.  And I support that argument to an extent.  I can hardly watch the four I still have at home, I can’t imagine keeping up with everything that 19 children are doing.  It’s been ten years and no one else has reported Josh to be a pedophile, so I want to say it’s safe to assume that he has no uncontrollable desire to touch little children.  This may have very well been a stage in Josh that Jim Bob and Michelle may not have known what to do with and did they best they knew how. The separated Josh from the family and put him in intensive counseling which seemed to actually cure the situation.  It wasn’t until 2006 when Oprah’s old messy ass dug up something in an interview and decided to be extra and report shit to DSS rather than be up front and talk to the Duggars about it.

We have to stop overlooking the stages of development in our children when it comes to the law.  Yes, what Josh Duggar did was wrong and creepy.  But this is not uncommon for his age group.  My dear friend Attorney Jessica Peck in Denver, Co. has been fighting this fight for several years in the school districts in and around Denver.  She has had to defend several  students who were arrested at school for sexual battery for something minor as touching another student on the butt.  Some of the students she’s represented are still in elementary school.  So where do we draw the line?  When do our teachable moments turn into court dates?  I don’t really have an answer on this, because if I caught my 14 year old son exploring on his sisters, brother would be in the graveyard and Mamma would be in the pen.  By age 14 parents should have fully taught their children all about the birds and the bees.  Maybe not the Duggars because Jesus would never get a blowjob.  But for the rest of us heathens, we should have discussed sex with our children by age 14.  Josh knew that what he was doing was wrong when he was doing it.  I can’t say that he knew why it was wrong.  But he knew it was wrong.  He’s confessed to it.  The family has moved on.  Please drop this before Honey Boo Boo’s Mom’s argument that her family is better than theirs becomes valid.


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