When Did Parents Stop Meeting The Teachers? Georgia Teacher Arrested For Allowing Students To Have Sex In The Classroom

0Well, it’s the end of another school year, and the media just can’t get enough of these teachers behaving badly.  Associated Press reported early this morning that a Stone Mountain Georgia teacher was finally arrested yesterday for his classroom shenanigans exposed by text messages over the last couple of weeks.  You can clearly tell in the text messages that busted him that he was not an English teacher.  Still, Math teacher, 25-year-old Quentin Wright, couldn’t seem to put 2 and 2 together to add up to the fact that it’s totally illegal to condone and contribute to the delinquency of a minor.  Even if it is allowing minors to have sex in your classroom closet and provide them condoms so that they can be safe about it.

Look, I am in no way condoning what Mr. Wright has done in this situation with that last sentence.  I am simply trying to give you a view of his juvenile way of thinking.  Mr. Wright no doubt felt that he was making a connection with the teens by understanding how difficult it is not to give in to the raging hormones of adolescence.  Teen sex has been happening since the beginning of human existence.  And for parents to stick their head in the sand like it’s not going to happen is very irresponsible too.  If your teen is going to have sex, your teen is going to do it with your without your consent.  Whether it be in the backseat of a car, or in the back of the teacher’s closet.  It’s going to happen.


The problem here is Mr. Wright had a responsibility to these teens to teach them sexual responsibility.  But what is that today?  All teens see in their entertainment is sex, sex, and more sex.  And we expect them to abstain?  It was just a couple of months ago that a teenager had to tell me what ‘Truffle Butter’ was.  Being that I love to cook, I thought it was butter and truffle mushrooms….ummmm, it’s not.  And you’ll have to Google that for yourself because I just can’t go there here.  Thank you, Nicki Minaj, for creating that uncomfortable discussion that I have to have one day with my younger kids since it was my oldest that schooled me on it.  And that’s the point I’m trying to make here.  We aren’t having these discussions and we’re leaving it up to school faculty who, if you haven’t checked lately, are kids themselves.  Some of these teachers are coming out of college with freshly developed self-regulation skills that still have yet to be put into practice.  Because teacher pay is so crappy, we are really rolling the dice on who will be educating our children while we’re at work.  I’m not making excuses for Mr. Wright, I’m just telling how it really is.  This man is 25 years old.  I hope that with the lax rules of society you didn’t think he was going to magically turn into a responsible human being because you gave him a degree.  He’s still a kid too.  And there’s nothing wrong with kids teaching kids, as long as parents and elders are properly mentoring them as they do it.  I’m not just calling out parents on this issue, I want to know where the administration was while this was going on too?  Hopefully not smoking pot with a student in the parking lot like Mavericks High School Principal Krista Morton in Florida.

student-and-principal<—–Side-Eye (Story Here)

Many may feel that now I’m overlooking Mr. Wright’s crime here.  I’m not. In our unfortunate sexually dysfunctional society, what he did was irresponsible and within the confines of the law, illegal. Which justifies his arrest.  I’d also like to give a shout out to the mom who discovered the text messages by going through your sons’ phone.  This a practice I preach about heavily.  However, we need to recognize as a society that the system is broken.  And as a society….we need to fix it.  We can no longer continue to enforce and embrace age-old traditions as societal norms evolve by leaps and bounds.  It’s no longer an overlookable offense to give your kid a smartphone and not talk to them about everything.  Everything.  And for those of you that think PTA meetings are boring (like I do).  Think again.  These meetings give you the opportunity to see who your child is spending their day with.  They have like a hundred of these meeting a month. They kill rainforests just to make you aware of them.  All you have to do make it to one or 50.  Sometimes they even offer to feed your kids dinner.  Had more parents taken the time to meet Mr. Wright, this may not have happened.  Knowing these children’s parents may have made him less likely to condone their sexual activity.

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