She did it. Hannah Anderson got her Lifetime Movie

article-2395276-1B516A71000005DC-930_634x501Well, it looks like I called it. Well, almost, you still read it HERE first.  While I continue to think the Hannah Anderson Story should be featured on ‘Snapped’, it looks like as if Lifetime veered on the side of the heartstrings with this story rather than the hardcore evidence.  I don’t see why this girl wasn’t investigated more than she was.  I had the honor of my opinion to be included in the book, ‘Zip Ties and Lies’ by Sue Julsen a wonderful and thorough true crime author that in my opinion broke the case down better any detective that’s had the file on their desk.  Whereas I just had a hunch, Sue brings the heat in this book with facts.


If you too have your suspicions I suppose you will watch this Lifetime movie Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story set to air May 23, 2015, at 8pm EST.  But if you’re anything like me, and you saw the Aaliyah story that lifetime tried to sell, then you’ll take my word for it and read this book.  Sue captures every detail that most media outlets missed.  And she connects the events into a timeline that not only makes sense but forces you to question the innocence of Miss Anderson.  Hannah can bask in her glory now, but I’m certain she’s going to slip up.  She’s getting to close to her rebellious stage and once the 15 minutes run out I’m sure daddy won’t be able to keep her relevant, I mean quiet forever.  Thanks for the truth Sue!!!

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12 Responses to She did it. Hannah Anderson got her Lifetime Movie

  1. Sue Julsen says:

    Yep, Hanna got her movie, but from what I’ve read, she had no input whatsoever, and she didn’t even know the movie was coming out. Of course, if Lifetime didn’t use the information in Zip Ties and Lies then this movie is nothing but fiction — and from what I’ve heard, very bad fiction at that. So, Zip Ties and Lies still remains the ONLY place to find the “facts” on this horrendous crime. And Tina, Ethan, Cali and Jim still wait for justice to be served.

    • raisinemreal says:

      I have a gut feeling that we’ll get the whole story one day. For now, you’ve put enough holes in her story to know why she had no input on the movie. She is really under lock and key. But she’ll be an adult soon…. Thanks for stopping by Sue

      • Sue Julsen says:

        Actually, I stop by often, I just don’t comment. 🙂 i have that same gut feeling, and I’m hoping we don’t have too much longer to wait for the whole story….the truthful one this time! Thank you for the wonderful article. 🙂

  2. S Britt says:

    Well, once again you all have it wrong. The family was never contacted for this lifetime movie making. Hannah, never talked to anyone involved with the show. The teaser pictures show speculation and not true facts right off the bat. This can only be called a fictional showing and not in any way a True Story of what really happened. It’s sad that people are capitalizing on others pain and grief just to make a buck!
    Sara Britt

    • raisinemreal says:

      Thanks for your comment Sara. I don’t make squat off this blog, although it would be nice. I take on stories that I feel should not be overlooked in society. I put a voice out there for people that can’t be heard above all the pomp and circumstance in the name of all who are mighty and right. I write to entice people to challenge what they already know and to open themselves to alternate ways of thinking. For instance, with this story…IF Hanna did manipulate the situation and had a hand in her mother and brothers’ death, you can’t tell me that a movie/book deal never crossed her mind. I’ve had extensive training on sociopaths and if you will re read this post, you will see that I never insinuated that Hanna worked with the Lifetime network on this story. But it is safe to assume that if she’s the devious mind the evidence points to her being, the movie was somewhere in her fantasies.

      • Sue Julsen says:

        In response to Sara Britt: Once again, you have it wrong, Sara. I tried to talk to you when writing Zip Ties and Lies, but you refused to talk to me. I tried to give you a chance for your input, but you chose to hang up on me. I have said all along this movie is nothing but fiction, unlike my book where I point out all the lies, the discrepancies and the cover ups. Like RaisinEmReal, I put a voice out there so people can make up their own mind with the facts. Sure, I make a few dollars, but nowhere even close to what Hannah and Brett have put in their own pockets for their fake stories and lies. The public still wants the truth, and for the real killer or killers to pay for their crimes. The public still wants justice for Tina, Ethan, Cali, and for Jim.

      • John Charles says:

        Thank you so much for the excellent and informative article, “She did It- Hanna Anderson got her Lifetime Movie!” Another thank you to Sue Julsen author of ZipTies and Lies, for the extensive and thorough research she did in order to bring some really bizarre details of this tragic story to light; some of which law enforcement officials have not yet officially released. I agree with both of your comments though that someday soon we will get the real story– and it will be very different than the one that currently exists.

    • John Charles says:

      When will you all get the “right” story out? You have agreed many times over that the true facts are not being presented so please present them-in your own words of a True Story of what really happened.

    • John Charles says:

      What is the True Story? Was NBC Dateline, “Anatomy of a Kidnapping” the True Story of what really happened? Was the heavily edited rescue video the FBI released the True Story of what really happened?

  3. John Charles says:

    My comment was meant to be a reply to Sara Britt, I apologize for the posting error.

  4. Sue Julsen says:

    In reply to John Charles:
    No, the true story has not been told yet. Gore and his cronies, the FBI, the media, Hannah, Brett, and all the others in that weird family have only given the public lies, deceptions and cover ups . The facts on this case can only be found in my book, Zip Ties and Lies.

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