Who is the woman in the Racist Graduation Video??? Find out here…

ComenceSo, her name is Nancy Gordeuk and she is the founder of a private/alternative school in Stone Mountain GA called TNT Academy. She describes her self as follows on the TNT website:


“I was born and raised in the Atlanta area and continue to live in the same general area. I obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Chemistry at North Georgia College in Dahlonega, GA. I obtained my Master of Science degree in Science Education while in Virginia. I just completed courses to for an MS in Educational Leadership and Supervision.

My career in public school started and ended in Gwinnett County. I served in a number of middle and high schools. In between public school teaching stints, I taught at private schools (Brandon Hall School) and Christian schools (Mount Carmel Christian). I also taught with the Masters and Artios Academies. I have tutored throughout my career. My career of teaching has spanned 34 years to this point in time.

Nancy-at-work-1I decided to form TNT Academy for those students that need a one on one or small group setting. It also meets the needs of those students that do not like to listen to lectures, but like some hands on labs and learning. TNT also meets the need of those students that do not like to start a class at 7:30 am. Older students can work and come to school or pursue other activities of team sports on traveling teams, etc. TNT captures the needs of public school students that are bored in a classroom and are starting to get into trouble.”

Courtesy of the TNT Website

She sounds like she has good intentions, but I’m getting more and more stories about her “love for the unfortunate black child” being more about money than about the children.  Did this woman not learn anything from Paula Deen???  I’ve watched Nancy’s Facebook page go from semi private, to private, to restricted in a matter of hours.  The heat is on.  Keep it coming.

Nancy again








Here’s the video in case you missed it.


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One Response to Who is the woman in the Racist Graduation Video??? Find out here…

  1. Sabrena says:

    My comment is quite simple. This principal states that she is so sorry for her comments and then she gets on the news this morning and says “What am I supposed to call them African Americans?”
    Well maybe what she needs is a little bit of her own medicine. What if someone said that is what’s wrong with Crackers they always trying to push the boundaries to see how far we will allow them to go with their racism and ugliness. You see I am in no way prejudice, but people like that principal is the very reason we are having so many issues across the nation today. Lady do you not understand that we are getting, no we have gotten fed up with the racism and your miraculous way of getting away with it. That is why people are rioting and causing problems all over the land. I am not violent, so please don’t allow your mind to entertain that thought, but I do want you to entertain this particular thought…You say you are not racist, but every opportunity you get you are speaking about something derrogatory concerning black people, well I think you are a sick sad individual and it saddens me to even see your picture. When your 15 minutes of fame are up you will be left with your trailer park life, your cats, and whatever clown that is interested in being around you. Because I am usually a much better person than this, I will pray that God will allow me to not be angry with you and give me the strength to pray for you, because in reality, you need prayer.

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