Georgia Principals Racist Graduation Rant: This is Why Black People Stay Angry


Never did I imagine when I went to sleep last night that I would wake up and burst into tears while watching a Facebook Video. But there I was a blubbering mess and not out of sadness.  I was experiencing pure anger and rage.  For the last several weeks I have found myself increasingly defending my stance on the race issue in this country insisting that we need to move on and stop making everything about color.  I have defended my white friends and I have defended my black friends attempting to express that it’s about all humans, not groups of humans.


Yesterday I found myself in this small mom and pop store in Conway, SC just trying to get a bottle of orange juice around a group of construction workers.  Normally I wouldn’t even mention that I was the only black person in the store, but it’s necessary to tell this story.  I was trying to dart towards the rear of the store to get to the refrigeration section without running into anyone when a large man stepped into my path with his back turned away from me.  I stopped in my tracks to wait for him to move on but he didn’t.  Instead, he was confronting another man on the next isle.  He said, “Don’t you ever give my fucking number out again you little BITCH!”  Well, I have an impeccable sense for impending dangers so I quickly did a 180 that resembled a dance move and started walking in the other direction.  The man continued on his rant, “Now I got that nigger calling my phone!”  Sudden silence.  Not because he said the word nigger, but because he was the only one that didn’t realize I was in the store.  Although I could feel their stares, I didn’t leave the store.  The man quickly realized his faux pas and didn’t utter another word.  Instead he left the store.  I got my orange juice and did so as well.  I later wondered why I didn’t speak up and for the life of me I still can’t decide if it was fear of being outnumbered, or if it was sheer shock that kind of shit is still happening today.

Then I wake up to this video and I just cried.  I don’t know what the children did prior to this woman’s rant, but as an education leader there has to have been better way to deal with them.  Commencement exercises are supposed to be a time of pride, happiness, and joyful emotions.  I don’t care what kind of stunt the kids pulled, which happens during graduation speeches occasionally, but for her to go pure racist in a Southern Baptist church setting no less just set the plight of the white man back another 100 years.  Way to go bitch.  Not only are you keeping the ignorance alive, but you just ruined a moment in the lives of those kids that was supposed to be the symbol of what is come in their future.  Or did you really want to let them know what their future holds for them?  If you want black people to stop regurgitating racism in this country then you have to stop feeding it to us.  Subtly and blatantly.  You can’t use the word nigger in private as long as there are no black people around and think that shit is ok.  Addressing a group of black people using the term “you people” is not OK either.  And getting pissed because black people get up and walk out when you do…..might get your school shut down. Unconfirmed sources tell me that this woman is Nancy Gordeuk director of TNT academy in Stone Mountain, GA.  I’m still attempting to get to bottom of the whole story so if anyone has any video prior to this video, please share.  In the meantime I am making it my mission to confirm this woman’s identity and make her answer to the damage she’s caused.  She doesn’t get to retreat after this.  Even the young man she was “defending” in the video threw his hands up and walked off in frustration at her words.  It was like watching someone slice the throat of hope for equality and change in this world.  This just makes me sick.  If you feel that way fine, but don’t ruin everybody’s day with your shit.

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