When Facebook Goes Terribly Wrong

IMG_1354Ok.  We are going to have to gain some sense about this situation here.  Just because you want to run around with two middle fingers in the air screaming, “Fuck Tha Po Po!!!” doesn’t exactly mean that you should. Ebony Dickens here decided to make the brilliant move of creating a fake Facebook page and making threatening statements against the police.  I wonder where was she when Snowden was in the headlines? Dickens posting under the fake name ‘Tiffany Milan’ wrote posts like:

“death to all white cops nationwide.”


“I thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I’m either caught by the police or killed by them… Might kill at least 15 tomorrow, I’m plotting now.

I mentioned in my last post about that damn movie, “The Butler” and if you’ve seen it then you understand that the movie makes the powerful statement and gives the answer as to how change has to be made.  Just a quick synopsis here from my point of view.  The Butler (Forrest Whitaker) made a decision to earn an honest living in spite of his pride and found himself on a path that gave him access to parts of history that most could only dream of experiencing. Of course all of this was at the questionable cost of his dignity.  However his son whom never wanted for anything, hated this price his father paid for success in this country and joined every movement for change he find.  In the end he discovers that they best way to achieve change is to become the change you want to see.  He ran for political office and won.

I was surprised to find that after evaluating my feelings on the recent Baltimore riots that I was a sympathizer.  Not because of Freddie Gray or the multitude of police brutality/murders.  I sympathize with the plight of the disadvantaged youth that have been miseducated as to how the world works.  But I also sympathize with the police officer that mortgages and car payments to work, that haven’t done anything and just want to go to work, and come home…alive.

Ebony Dickens, I support freedom of speech.  But I cannot support the abuse of your right to do so.  This was not your finest moment.  Next time you post to Facebook, ask yourself this, “What will my children think when they read this?”

You can read more of the news story here


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