He Tore Up His Allowance Money

11119711_10155417350310585_5920146361119048066_nSo I was cruising Facebook (Big Surprise) and I came across this shared photo you see featured here and the caption below read:

A child ripped up their allowance because it wasn’t the amount his mom Said she would give him. She walked out her room and saw this. What would you do? Not how you would feel, but what exactly would you do if this was your child’s behavior?

I’ve been catching a little, not a lot, of flack about my stance on spanking.  I’m being flexible here about the issue because there are just times in parenting where it’s difficult to break the trained thinking of (in certain situations), spanking is not only called for, but downright needed.  I have five kids under my belt with ten years between the oldest and the second.  I’ve made my mistakes, and now I’m correcting them.

However, it’s important to understand that not every offensive action performed by your child requires corporal punishment as a form of behavioral correction and modification.  Some actions present themselves with teachable moments that go way beyond the offense.  Teachable moments that will not only build character but help your children learn to become a part of a working society.

Here was my suggestion:

This child would spend every ounce of free time he had taping that money back together and then I would force him to hand it over towards the electric bill that month showing him the bill amount, teaching him to calculate it, and explaining to him just much his little five dollars contribute. And THEN for six months, his allowance would continue going to the electric bill. This way, like the rest of us bill paying citizens, the next time that oh so precious child of mine got an allowance he would appreciate it.

Giving children money without teaching them the value of a dollar could set them up for failure in the working world and will set them back a few times if they aren’t fast learners.  My children ask for money all the time for various things.  If it’s not a necessity, I say no.  When they ask why I tell them they haven’t earned it.  When they ask how they can earn it, I assign them a job with the difficulty based on what they are asking for.  Sometimes I even go the extra mile of having job shortages so they can know what it feels like to want something and be unable to make the money for it.  If done within reason, it’s a great teaching tool for parents.  But it’s not for everyone.

What would you guys suggest?


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5 Responses to He Tore Up His Allowance Money

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I may be taking the easy way out, but I’d tape the money together, put it in my wallet and stop all allowance – Hey, you don’t want? I can put it to good use – 🙂 Quite Frankly, I can’t imagine what else is going on that someone who do that – I’m hoping it’s a Viral Story Fraud – LOL

  2. Mike says:

    Sounds like a good lesson plan, Teach!

  3. John Smith says:

    It depends. Why did he get less money than he promised? What if he was promised $100 to do work all week in the yard, and then only given $25. Tearing up the money may not be the best option, but certainly not worth spanking.

    • raisinemreal says:

      I agree with you. This here is an example of when spanking is not worth the crime, even though most who read this article will have initial feeling that is. Thanks for reading and responding.

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