Angie Stone Follows Through On Every Momma’s Promise To Knock Teeth Out

hqdefault (1)You’ve seen the pictures and read the headlines, but have you gone through the comments?  Well, if you do you might be surprised to find out that most people are supporting Angie’s parenting methods of her 30 year old daughter that is living on her dime and allowing her kids to run amok in her home.  I can’t say that if my grown ass child punched me in the face after I told her to clean up after herself and kids in my house I wouldn’t have busted her in the face and knocked a few teeth loose either.


My question about the scandal is this:  Why is there no bruising?  Were her teeth about to fall out anyway?  Good strong teeth don’t just break and if you hit someone hard enough to break their “good” teeth, then there’s going to be a good deal of swelling and bruising.  I see none in this photo, and I think there’s more to the story than we’re getting at the moment.  I’ll keep watching to see how it unfolds.  Until then, Hang in there Angie!



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