Mama June and The Chester

article-2202900-150178BB000005DC-388_634x451As if people didn’t question the integrity of the “Boo Boo Household” before, NOW Mama June is entertaining the company of the family Chester.  You know, Chester the Child Molester?  I’m not sure why people are shocked by this information because let’s be honest, the show really mocks her parenting style.  I personally never watched the show because I’ve never been in favor of laughing in someones face while making them believe you’re laughing with them, and not at them.

I used to feel sorry for Mama June, but in light of this new information I’m just plain disgusted.  To find out that your significant other has molested a child should make you question your choice in partners.  But to return to that partner after he/she has been convicted of the crime AND have young children of your own in the home makes you just as criminal as they are.  Might as well put make up on them, dress them up like a grown woman, and serve them on platter.  Yeah, I said that.  I will not pass judgement on this mother for her child rearing techniques, but I will call for her to get a mental health evaluation for even wanting this Chester around her children.  I understand that her excessive weight might come with self-esteem issues, but that’s no excuse for putting your children in danger and there’s no question that this man and his past are a danger to her children.  I certainly see no end in sight to this story in near future and I wouldn’t be surprised if Child Protective Services gets involved. TLC would be wise to cancel the show. Especially if Mama June insists on defending this relationship as she has been.  I’ve never understood a woman that chooses a man over her child and sure as hell don’t understand this one.  Get it together Mama June!!!!

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