Football is Cancelled!!!!

1412369716014-MRS01741I’d like to give Sayreville High School administration a standing ovation for standing up not only against bullying, but standing up to the bully parents who are advocating for them to reverse their decision to cancel football season this year.  I say cancel the season.  We already have a problem with this generations feelings of entitlement and it’s about time someone stands up tell them that extra-curricular activities are a privilege, not a right.  Sacrifices are made yearly budget wise where many other extra-curricular activities take a back seat to football, and if these players can’t behave like civilized human beings and respect one another, then they deserve to play together.  And for parents who are advocating for a decision reversal, you should be ashamed.  If you saw your child in a group of kids who were teasing, ostracizing, or even physically violating another child, would you stand by and defend your child’s actions?  Even if they weren’t fully participating aren’t they still guilty by association?  When they become adults, the police will certainly see it that way.  So I think it’s time that we teach them now, so that there are no more news stories about hazing in college.

Trust me, if your child misses out on being seen by a scout, it’s not going to be the end of the world. Make a video and send it in to the college of their choice.  And shame on you as a parent for guiding your child into the future with only the hope of playing professional sports rather than relying on an education that will make them an active and contributing member of society. If you’re feeling sorry for these kids, you need to take several seats.  No child should go to school in fear of the actions of others.   I’d like to see more schools take this approach to put an end to hazing and bullying.  Way to go Sayreville.

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2 Responses to Football is Cancelled!!!!

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I’m in Jersey and this has ruffled a few feathers but I support the discipline measure. Another story broke last night in Lakewood, a town next to me. If all schools would use these for an example and deal with any abuses, not just hazing, then we may see progress.

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