Mom Arrested For Dropping The F Bomb

26281655_BG1Why do I suddenly feel like we live in the land of the illusion of the free?  Amendment rights are being stepped on, ignored, and nullified on an as needed basis in this country every day.  Are we citizens in the U.S. so out of control that our police state has to take matters as far as they have been in the past year?  They’re shooting children and disabled people, flash bombing infants, and using illegal choke holds to murder unarmed fathers in the streets right in front of us and our constant recording cell phones.  I’ll admit these past stories lines that I just mentioned are horrendous in nature, but now this police state has sunk to an all time new low in the arrest of Danielle Christine Wolf, 22 of Augusta, GA. If you have ever had to bring multiple children into the grocery store with you while attempting to complete your shopping, then you know what a challenge this can be.  It’s a non-stop task of monitoring them, trying not to forget anything on your list, keeping unwanted items out of your buggy, calculating to make sure you stay within your budget, breaking up fights, stopping for tantrums, answering a million questions, having to say, “NO” 337 times, and of course trying to avoid hearing, “Clean up on isle (fill in the blank)” over the intercom.  If you can make it through the entire store without cursing you are on your way to Sainthood.

I completely disagree with derogatory speech directed at children because I believe that how we talk to them has a profound and lasting affect, and it also teaches them how they should interact socially with the rest of the world.  Therefore it’s up to us to lead by example.  Yet we can’t forget that as parents we are still human, we do get frustrated, and many of us use profanity when we do.  I’m an advocate for profanity because I love and embrace language, and I believe that none of it should be shunned.  Fuck happens to be one of my favorite four letter words.  It can be used in any verbal tense, has a way of fitting into any situation, and has a multitude of meanings.  Now I’m sure we can find a correlation between this mother’s young age and her inappropriate use of it towards her children, but for it to be made criminal to the point that you put her in handcuffs in front of her children is criminal in itself.  Not only was this an infringement upon her First Amendment rights, it was traumatic for her kids, and a waste of tax payer’s money.  And let me tell you, if police are going to start arresting people for dropping F-Bombs in public then I’m going to have to start making sure that I look good every time I leave the house so that my mug shots are fabulous.   And if someone does try to arrest me for saying Fuck in public, I will say it so much while being put in handcuffs that I will break some kind of fucking record.  Keep your cell phones recording people!

(Full Story Here)

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