Have You Hugged Your Child Today?

WXMI-vid2127-in3384-out6024-9f1ae488-53e0d6c4-LargeImageA 12 year old boy stabbed a 9 year old boy on the playground Monday.  This baby went and took the life of another child because he felt “like nobody loved him”.  I understand that it’s no excuse for what he’s done, but you can tell the child was not sociopathic because he immediately turned himself in after committing this crime.  He knew that what he’d done was wrong, and acted appropriately.  It’s what drove him to this crime that disturbs me.  Children should never feel this way, and there are too many out here in the world that do.  It’s time that we start reaching out as a community and not just as parents.  It’s time that we stop saying, “It’s none of our business”, and start making it our business ro see to it that these children are cared for.  It starts with you and me.  If you see something, say something.  Story Here

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