Teachers Gone Bad

1406779313000-1st-grade-studentI read a news story a couple of days ago that infuriated me because I have child going into the 1st grade here in a couple of weeks.  The child was caught drawing on a school desk, was reprimanded by the teacher, made to clean the desk, missed recess, and took a trip to the principals office for a lecture.  This to me was punishment enough.  But not for the teacher.  The teacher continued the punishment by taking the child’s desk and forcing her to sit on the floor in front of all her peers for weeks.  I repeat, weeks, also telling her that she would not get a new desk until she went to the second grade.  The child was too afraid to tell this to her mother because she felt that what she had done was so bad that she didn’t deserve a desk.  The mother had been made aware of the initial disciplinary actions but had no clue about the continuing discipline until one day her daughter finally broke down and told her.

If any of you know me, then you know this would have been a “Code Black” situation at the school.  Because I would have taken a sledge hammer up to that school and took my frustration and anger out on that teachers desk. (After school of course so the rest of the students wouldn’t witness the violence) And in the time period that it took the school district to order and or replace that desk, her ass would have known how my child felt as she sat on the floor completing her daily work.  Yes I probably would have went jail, but I have good family and friends who would have posted my bail and took care of my kids until I got out.  But I’m also willing to bet that she wouldn’t have bullied another student in her career.

Which brings me to the newest story coming out of Florida where a teacher has been accused of paddling students and putting them in a dark closet as punishment.  Read Story Here  According to the local D.A. he is unable to press charges against the teacher because of Florida state laws which allow corporal punishment.  How does this work?  Well, when you drop your children off at school the school administration and teachers assume custody of your child for that brief period.  This is why you sign all of those papers when you enroll them.  This custody situation gives them the right to instruct, discipline, and treat your child anyway that they want to within legal limits because they are acting in your place as parents for as long as they have them.  If corporal punishment is allow in your state, then your child’s teacher will be allowed to spank your child even if you don’t agree with it.  Now keep in mind that this is all has to been in accordance with School Board Standards so that PTA meeting that you’ve been missing all these years is no where near as important as the School Board meetings that you’ve opted to wave your right to sit in on.  So I encourage you parents to check the laws in your state.  Don’t assume that your child is safe because they are in school, or that their teachers are going to treat and love them just as you would. There are many teacher out there that shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of children, but work with your child every day.  By staying informed, we keep them safe.  By keeping them safe we’re raisin’ em real.

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2 Responses to Teachers Gone Bad

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    That should never happen!

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