Are You Monitoring These Facebook Challenges???

ChallengesSo, it well known that I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook.  And here lately I have noticed a very disturbing trend of challenges that are being passed along among the kids.  It started with the cold water challenge, and yes I was called out.  But a’int nobody got time for that.  If I want to give to charity I can do so without dumping ice water on myself.  Hell,  the ten minute commercials for various charities on television are torturous enough.  The cold water challenge eventually turned into a big joke as people were just pouring ice water on themselves and charities weren’t seeing a dime.  So that died down really quickly.  But leave it to our children to kick it up a notch with The Fire Challenge.  Yes, kids are pouring alcohol on themselves and setting fire to it.  Geniuses right?  Of course not because they obviously failed Chemistry and Biology if they for even a second thought this was a good idea.

Check out this dumbass whose mother was present while he did it if you haven’t these already.



They didn’t stop with the fire challenge.  Now they have this stupid challenge called The Pass Out Challenge.  This is where kids hyperventilate and then have some cut off their oxygen supply until they are rendered unconscious.  Genius right?  NO.  This kills brain cells at a massive rate and if you weren’t stupid before, when you wake up you’ll be one step closer to that goal.

It’s not funny parents and it’s not cute.  These challenges could kill your children and then the real challenge is going to be paying the financial and emotional cost of burying them.  Address this with your children and talk to them about this now.  This was you won’t be talking to the news later about how much you’re going to miss them.

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2 Responses to Are You Monitoring These Facebook Challenges???

  1. That pass out thing has been happening since I was a kid though….although now FB can get more kids to do it, rather than just a group of morons in your classroom! Yay! Challenges are stupid. I’d like to slap people.

    • raisinemreal says:

      I remember it too it middle school!!! Only we didn’t have camera phones back then to show us how dangerous it looked. I saw a video not too long ago where the girl looked like she was having a seizure as a result. Very scary, and very stupid. Thanks for reading!!!

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