Mom Walks Across Cafeteria Tables to Assault Daughter’s Bully

nallWhen your child comes home crying that someone has hurt them, whether it be just their feelings or physically, your first response is anger.  But ladies, ladies, ladies….we must contain ourselves.  This story (found here) is just outrageous.  She fought administrators to get into the building and then walked, excuse me, ran across lunch tables to get to the girl who was probably three times younger than she was.  Don’t lock this woman up in jail, commit her to mental institution because that was just insane.  I understand that bullying has reached a new level with access to social media these days but after hearing Frank Gallagher’s speech on bullying, I’m thinking of it in a new way now.  He says, “Bullying is vital part of every ecosystem, it teaches kids resilience.  The world is a rough place and bullying is like getting inoculated.  It’s a vaccine.”  There’s more to the speech and it’s golden, a must see.  I’ll post it below.  After you watch it, you might not be so inclined to overreact to the actions of your child’s bully, and the way the world works just might make a little more sense to you.

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2 Responses to Mom Walks Across Cafeteria Tables to Assault Daughter’s Bully

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    Anyone who condones bullying in any form is wrong.

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