Female Teacher’s and Inappropriate Relationships With Male Students

patience-perez-virginiaA 16 year old Virginia boy is claiming to have been mentally ruined by a 23-year-old married mom who was also a security guard at his school. (story here) Not too long ago a similar story came out at my 16 year old daughter’s high school where a teacher was found to have performed sexual acts with several male students ranging in ages between 15 and 17 for nearly the entire school year.  I’ve written before about female teachers/school staff having inappropriate relationships with male students before. I also believe that the appeal to stories like these is pretty simple.  We expect this type of behavior from males and for a multitude of reasons we give them a pass for it, but women…women should know better. We are mothers, nurturer’s, and level headed care givers.  When women seduce men younger they are given the title of cougar; yet, when men seduce younger women, it’s the woman gains yet another title (gold digger) while the man is given a psychiatric medical diagnosis of midlife crisis.  I find it more than hypocritical when people claim female teachers who sleep with their male students get off easy.  No matter how much it is portrayed that a teenage boys’ dream is to be seduced by an older woman, truth is, mentally they can’t handle it and are just as victimized as young girls who are molested by older men.  Think about it, most men aren’t ready for a committed relationship until they’re in their 30’s so how can you say that as a teenager they are ready for a racy sexually relationship with a woman that’s twice or even five times more mature than they are.  I’m sure I’m not the only one appalled by this case in Virginia as well as the judges’ decision to suspend his offenders’ jails sentence.  But my question is, what are the mother and son hoping to accomplish by claiming mental anguish at this point?  Are they seeking a monetary settlement from the school district?  Or are they hoping to gain justice by having his offender thrown in jail?  And why was his offender given just a light sentence of just one year in jail?  This is a case that not only deserves more attention, but could serve us as a community by opening a dialog as to just what is supposed to happen to teacher like this?  We trust these public servants with the well-being of our children and should that trust be violated, regardless sex of the offender or the age of the victim, there should be laws in place to protect the children and stop the offender from ruining future lives.

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2 Responses to Female Teacher’s and Inappropriate Relationships With Male Students

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    If an adult has sex with an underage student they should be dealt with harshly, even if that minor is a male. When the offender works for a school the minor’s family can sue – and win – money from the school system. Schools will often settle similar suits like this mainly because they do not want their image damaged. It all has to do with money and greed.

  2. raisinemreal says:

    I totally agree with you there Jackie. This is just a precursor to a large wrongful law suit.

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