Bully Cafeteria Workers Throw Students Lunches In the Trash

uintah_wide-861fdfabbca7c8754d37afe969fda86d9f85f4f5-s6-c30Had this been my child’s school, there would have been an early dismissal that day because I would have SHUT THE SCHOOL DOWN.  You can come after me all day long, but mess with my kids, and we have a problem.  All you would have heard coming out of that cafeteria would have been screaming and pots and pans hitting the floor.  I’m talking straight WWE. Tables, lunch trays and chairs baby!!! I might have spent some time in jail, but rest assured that my kids would eat for free in that cafeteria, from now on and forever.  I am appalled that someone would even think it acceptable to take food from a child and put in the trash, yet alone do in front of all of their peers.  When did we stop having empathy in this nation?  I wonder if even once while they were committing this atrocious act did they stop and think about how they’d feel if someone were doing this to one of their children.  Furthermore, I’m really sickened by the thought that school districts actually hire heartless people like this who never thought to run this by the school principal before acting upon their despicable instincts. (Or did they?)

At last word two senators from the state were visiting Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City today, and you’d better believe with this story making national news now, heads are going to roll; as they should.  But it shouldn’t end there.  The cafeteria workers who took food from those children exhibited bully type behavior.  Bullies steal students lunches, and in addition to being fired they should face charges of child abuse and never be allowed to work with children again.  Some of you may think that harsh, but I believe that ANYONE heartless enough to take food from child has no business working with children.  And yes, I’ve read the story about how it was the call of the nutritional manager to withhold lunches, but they would have had to fire me before I kept food from a child, or as they did, snatch it from them while they ate.  This is another case of people blindly following rules and not thinking about the human impact their actions will create.  Just stupid.  FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!


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2 Responses to Bully Cafeteria Workers Throw Students Lunches In the Trash

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    You and me both, Kandice, and I’d wear my combat boots!

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