When Being a Real Cop Goes Wrong

Dalton-bus-cam_8113When I was growing up, cursing was a regular occurrence in my home, and an occasional one in my school.  My mother would always tell me, “Dear, you come from a long line cursers it’s in your blood, embrace it.”  Sadly, I curse like sailor.  I’ve raised my kids to know that’s a privilege for adults only and they have accepted it as so.  I will not be offended if they grow into adults that swear because while foul language has its place in society, it HAS a place.  And recently its place was not on a Georgia county school bus.

I’ve seen the video, heard the foul language of the officer, and I’ve even seen how the middle school kids were behaving when the bus driver was alone.  I honestly believe that bus driver could have gotten those kids to calm down, but she isn’t trained to do so.  I feel that even in the simple transportation of children, a person should still be required to know about children in order to qualify for the job.  If you have to be certified to transport hazard materials, I think you need to be more than certified to transport the Nation’s most precious cargo, our children.  But that’s another story and blog entry.  Today I’m addressing the police officer that got on a Dalton Georgia school bus and cursed a group of kids in front of the world and Jesus.

I thought it was pretty funny.  I mean, it’s always the parents of the most disruptive children running to their defense when the rest of the world loses their patience for that child’s BS.  Most of the time, these authoritative figures have put up with as much of a kids shenanigans as they possible can before they break and blatantly tell that child how they really feel.  As for the officer cursing, frankly, that’s his job.  If you got to see what that officer deals with on a daily basis, you’d curse on every call you went out on too.  Especially when you are taking time off of real police work to discipline other peoples kids.  It is not their job to have to tell my child how to ride properly on a school bus.  That’s my job.  And if I ever found out that a police officer had to get on a bus to settle down one of mine, mine would be washing patrol cars every weekend at the station for a month.  And not a complaint to the department would have come out of my mouth.

Those parents need to understand that under any other circumstance had the police been called out for their disruptive child, that child is going to get a lot more than few F-Bombs dropped on him.  I may not know the whole story, but I see nothing wrong with what these officers did, and I feel that their suspension should be lifted and every parent on that bus should make their children apologize for invoking negative reactions from these officials by not being able to follow the rules and contain themselves.  We need to stop worrying about what the police are saying to our kids and start worrying about what they are going to do them if our kids keep up their delinquent behaviors.  Raise Em Free.  Raise Em Real.

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3 Responses to When Being a Real Cop Goes Wrong

  1. Kilter Annie says:

    Amen, and well said. I sig your style and wish there were more like you. As the wife of a middle school teacher, who is awaiting entry to nursing school, I can say that children’s behaviors and levels of responsibility have been on a steady decline. I mention my nursing track because my man sees my books and asks me why I’d want to work in that field, I reply, “Why would you want to work with teenagers?!” I love my kids, but teens annoy me, declining behavior makes it worse. Give me blood and guts any day.

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