House Party: Generation ‘Me’ Style

IMG_0357 (Copy)House parties, growing up I’m sure we all attended at least one in our life time. And if you were anything like me and my best friend, you probably threw one.  Someone’s parents would go out of town and a little swarway would turn into an epic and legendary story to be told at school for weeks to come.  There have even been movies about it: Sixteen Candles, Risky Business, Weird Science, and of course House Party.  But what happened recently at Ex NFL football player Brian Holloway’s home was no ordinary party.  It was down-right criminal.  These kids were uninvited, unruly, and unapologetic in their behavior.  On top of it all, they were down-right stupid to know that they were trespassing  and still tweet about it like it was a trip to the mall.  They actually took photos of themselves in the act of a crime.  I talk to parents about educating their children all the time and this is one lesson all parents need to take time and stop to learn.

  1. Teach your children that it is illegal to go into a home when the owner is not present.
  2. Teach your children that if they are the presence of other people who are committing a crime that they too can and will be charged as accomplices.
  3. Teach your children to respect other people’s property as if it is their own.
  4. Teach your children that EVERYTHING they put out on the internet can come back to bite them in the ass.
  5. Teach your children to be responsible for their actions and if they know they’ve done something wrong (especially if you know it too) they have to be accountable for their actions and rectify them as well.

I was dismayed to see the damage done to Holloways’ home but I was enraged when they said that he had violated the rights of those children by posting their tweets to his website to show the world what they had done. Unlike me, Holloway is not pressing charges.  Instead he has launched a campaign to help him reach out these wayward teens.  I am aghast at the parents who are upset that he openly used their names on his website. If they were bold enough to post selfies of them trashing this mans’ house, then the evidence should be allowed in the court of public opinion.  It sure as hell will be admissible in a court of law.  Shame on these parents.  We have got to better.

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2 Responses to House Party: Generation ‘Me’ Style

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I showed this to my husband and daughter the other day. It is a dirty shame that this happened and even dirtier that Holloway now faces lawsuits brought by the parents. I love your tips for parents to teach their kids but the parents must first care. When a child has done wrong and then is protected from consequences or learning some bit of wisdom, then the parents and children both lose. 😦 By the way, I never was a party-crazed person and I taught my children to be good citizens.

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