8 yr old Beats Murder Rap. Grand Theft Auto to Blame?

GTA-V-Heists-1024x576I have been waiting on one thing all summer; the September release of Grand Theft Auto V.  I’ve played the game since the first release and while I’ll admit I may have missed a couple due to pregnancy and raising kids, the last edition had me hooked, and now I can’t wait for the new game.  However studies are coming out along-side a news story out of Louisiana that says video games, especially violent ones, can be hazardous to young children.  Two days ago, an 8 year old boy shot his grandmother in the back of the head after playing GTA IV.  The slant the media is giving the story is that children mimic  violent video games rather than, it’s a good idea for parents to lock up their weapons rather than carry them in a purse around small children.  I’m sure many in my generation played Super Mario Brothers, but none of us were attempting to jump from building to building in an attempt to mimic Mario and Luigi.  Violent video games have their time and place in raising children, but to blame this story on video game violence is really pushing it.  (Story on CNN here)

According to sources the 8 year old boy shot and killed his 87 year old grandmother intentionally, and will not be charged as state law does not hold children under 10 accountable for criminal actions.  For all we know, we have a Dexter on our hands, but a judge has agreed to send the child back home while he and his family participate in therapy.  That’s gonna be some serious therapy.  In the link I’ve provided you will see where one group wants to blame GTA, but a second video featuring Dr. Drew argues that we might want to put the brakes on that blame.

Let’s just say, I’m still going to purchase GTA V in a couple of weeks, I will not play the game in front of my toddlers, and I will keep my gun locked up as always.  In addition to that, I will teach my children that guns are not toys, that video games are not real, and that as humans we can’t do everything we see on television.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying video games as CNN would suggest the opposite, but we must apply common sense when we have children in the home.  The ratings on the games are there for a reason, use them wisely.

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3 Responses to 8 yr old Beats Murder Rap. Grand Theft Auto to Blame?

  1. have to say that, as an Australian, with our strict gun control laws, your casual mentioning of your gun almost draws a gasp. True story. Especially around kids. But I have read your blog for long enough to trust your commonsense and I am sure you take adequate security measures. And commonsense really is the key to this issue. yes, I like violent movies. Love Tarantino. But I’m old enough to be able to ‘read’ what’s going on and I am not lured into repeating what I see. Kids, however, need to be protected from such stuff (I believe) although what they see even on news bulletins is sometimes scarier than Tarantino. Sadly.
    You enjoy GTA V, now! Best wishes, david.

    • raisinemreal says:

      I am one of those people who believes that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Guns just do it faster. I mainly keep one because the police response time to my home is an eternity. Plus living so deep in the woods I am concerned about wild animals, mainly snakes, I’ll shoot the shit out of a snake. I won’t divulge here where I keep my gun, but I’m very well trained with it, and my sister who lives with us is a police officer, is very well trained with hers. We keep them up and safe from child curiosity, they couldn’t get to it with a welding torch, because the consequences would destroy all of our lives. Now, we have the common sense to do this, but most and many gun owners in the U.S. don’t. So I can understand us wanting to go to a system like yours in Australia where guns are banned, especially after the senseless killing of Chris Lane. And from the bottom of my heart as an American, I am so sorry that such a beautiful treasure has been taken from you country. I write my blog in hopes to keep such foolishness from happening, I guess I will have to write more, and try harder. Thanks for you comment.

  2. Ah, mate, you do a wonderful service in raising awareness of decent parenting. It s becoming a lost art, ever so sadly. It reflects the decline of discipline and I just wonder why it has receded so fast? One cannot blame television, per se, for this but I am sure it has been the predominant factor.

    I live ‘deep in the woods’ myself although we Aussies call it the bush. More like California, I guess. Plenty of snakes but we just grab ’em by the tail and whip-crack ’em. Well . . . okay, I’m stretching it a bit there but, if I had balls, that’s what I’d do! You have a ripper day, mate! David.

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