30 Days for Raping a Student

article-2402937-1B7BD6A3000005DC-73_306x423Memorize this face parents.  I have spoken out many times here on RaisinEmReal about the sexualization of our children and how important it is that we put a stop to it.  Now this has issue has become evident in a rape case out of Montana where a teacher, accused of having at least three sexual encounters with his then 14 year old student has all but been acquitted of his crime and sentenced to an appalling 30 days in jail.  This is shocking yes; even more shocking, the reason for Judge G. Todd Baugh decision.  He originally sentenced 54 year old Stacey Dean Rambold to 15 years in prison, but reduced his sentence by all but 31 days (with time served for one day) for the crime of sexual intercourse without consent.  The victim, Cherice Morales, who committed suicide just days before her 17th birthday, was not present to defend herself.  Her helpless mother in the situation was only able to respond by screaming, “You people suck” after hearing the sentence in the court room.  She later told a television station in an interview that she has, “lost all faith in the justice system.”

And who wouldn’t?  Her daughter was violated, her life ruined to the point it pushed her to suicide, and her offender will be walking free in less than a month.  It’s been said that “this is a man’s world”, but why would a Judge make a decision like this in the name of manhood comradery?  I’m almost leaning towards this explanation because in 2008 Rambold admitted to the rape of the troubled high school freshman and was ordered to complete a sex offender treatment program, only to be kicked out of the program for missing meetings.  He lost his job, his teachers’ license, his wife, and his house.  The school district even came forward and said that Rambold had been given a warning 4 years earlier for touching another young student and had given him clear instructions not to touch or be alone with female students, stemming from a complaint that had touched a young girl inappropriately on the thigh under her skirt.  Still Judge Baugh felt that his dismissal from the sex offenders program did not warrant a lengthy prison sentence and because the victim in the case could no longer testify, the prosecution had to recant most of their charges.  The only thing the Judge had to go on the case was Rambold’s confession to the crime, video from police interviews with the victim.  Judge Baugh says his reasoning behind his decision was that after watching police interviews with the victim, he felt the victim was “older than her chronological age” and “had just as much control over the situation as Rambold.” Way to blame the victim Judge Baugh.  He should have added that the way she dressed provoked the attacks as well.  Assholes.

The case makes me sick to my stomach but this Judge is seeing what I am seeing in the young girls today and that is the fact that they are dressing and acting much older than what they really are.  There used to be a time when we forced our children to remain in a child’s place but today’s child rearing favors giving kids freedom and independence way before they are psychologically capable of managing it appropriately.  We allow them to choose their own clothing, pierce various body parts, and sadly we even sign consent forms for them to get tattoos.  I don’t even want to go into what we allow them to do on social networking.  I do want to ask that we STOP.  Keep your kids children for as long you can because there are predators out there like Rambold just waiting for their opportunity to pounce, and Judges like Baugh to give consent to their actions. When children are given the idea that they are older than their chronological age, their behavior becomes apparent to those around them, and in this case, a Judge who should have known better.  My recent comments about Miley Cyrus were met with debate asking me why I care so much.  The ignorant girls even told me that as long as my children aren’t watching it, then I shouldn’t care what she does. I care, not because my children aren’t watching, but because many other children are.  I recall a few years ago when my now 16 year old daughter was begging for tickets to see Hanna Montana, and she didn’t understand why I felt it was a waste of money.  She hated me for saying no, “Everybody is going!” she would cry, I’m talking crocodile tears.  But I stuck to my guns. And my daughter lived.  I was shocked by Miley’s performance at the VMA’s but I was further shocked my teenager called me from her bedroom and said, “Mom, thanks.  You knew better than I did back then, and I will always trust you to know what’s best for me.”   I’m not saying that I saved my daughter from life of whoredom because I wouldn’t let her go and see Hanna Montana, I’m saying that it’s alright to say NO to your children.  They will hate you for a moment, but it’s just a moment.  They will thank you for a lifetime.  It’s time we stop being their friends, and become their wardens.  Lay down the law parents, RaiseEmReal, and don’t vote for Judge Baugh again in this upcoming election.  As a matter of fact, if you live in Montana, petition to have his ass removed from the bench.

And lets never forget Cherice Morales.  I pray that Karma brings you the Justice our system failed to give you.  RIP dear sweet child.  auliea-hanlon-facebook-daughter

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11 Responses to 30 Days for Raping a Student

  1. This is just disgusting. Appalling. Nothing can bring back that young women but surely the state administration can appeal the leniency of the sentence? One can only hope that a higher court can overturn this judge’s blatant inhumanity. The judge is a pathetic bas-ard.

  2. Mate, we’re just two simple folks tryin’ to make the world a slightly better place. And I love when you write. It’s real!!!!

  3. paul m. says:

    Its nice to hear parents care about the future and well being of their children.
    I believe life and our children are gifts from a God of love and purity. Its sad and diabolical that our youth are preyed upon and exploited by wealthy vile unconscionable people. People that despise God and dignities while portraying a sense of faith and reverence for God and dignities. Its the art of deception. Delighting in wickedness. Sleight of hand. Satan has his hand in the music business as well as movies and other arts. The objective to Erlenmeyer society and allegiance to God by programming and controlling Americas youth as the rest of the world also. We now have politicians in allegiance with satan such as our president. Deception and trickery is the name of the game. Influence and control. If you don’t all ready know how bad music has gotten and how much control satan has over people ill tell you. Just Google it and check out the lyrics. Go to http://WWW.jesusislord.com and select satan and rock music. There are groups that spew out blasphemy against God in their lyrics. Pop and rap is filled with seduction and the celebration of sex and homosexuality. References to satan and the occult and rejection of Christ. These people are high on evil and lust. On sex and drugs and hatred of God. Blinded by money and what it can buy. Faithless people living only for this present world. Drunk in their iniquity and blinded. Conveniently choosing Satan’s doctrine of self serving and of self worship. That they are somehow as Gods and masters of their own destinies. Satan is like a drug, he eventually takes you over and owns your soul. We see a president today that promotes homosexuality. That attempts to dignify it in his worship of the things of man. To normalize it. We see demonic influences at work in our world. Loss of faith and values. Degrading and forsaking of God in our government and mainstream media in exchange for excess and inordinance. Saying denying gays and their right to marry is old fashioned prejudice and discriminating. We become what we identify with and put our eyes on. Satan knows this. The heart of our problems is the problem of the human heart. God can change a heart. Satan knows that. So he endeavors to keep is from the knowledge of God. From what created all things and upholds them, the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the answer for all things. Our world needs Him. We need to empowered by His Spirit and love. Then we shall know the truth and the truth will make us free.

    • raisinemreal says:

      Thanks for your reply, and to give you an update, there were many protests held in the state against this judge and his ruling judgement. It is currently in the works to have this mans sentence overturned and to give him the maximum sentence as required by the law. I just glad that it was only me that cared enough to tell this young lady’s story, but a community has rallied behind her mother demanding change. Way to go Parents!!!!

  4. paul m. says:

    In retrospect, we live in a society that has been desensitized and groomed for sex and violence, for excess and self serving. We have bigger imaginations and appetites than ever. The bible says men shall become lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. And evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse.

    People that reject Christ and Godliness have an evil agenda. Lust is a powerful thing. The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things that it can’t be understood. Thats why we need Christ. We need to give our children the Word of God, not Harry Pothead.

  5. David says:

    Thanks for following Hanukah & the Angel. Love, David

  6. Appalling. And such ‘justice’ is increasing wherever you look. Much thanks for following First Night Design.

  7. beebeesworld says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours as well. beebeesworld

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