The Letter Read ‘Round The World

ku-xlarge1 The woman who wrote this letter might as well be sewing hooded capes for the KKK in her basement.  And to think, she had the audacity to call herself a mother.  I believe that people can be rehabilitated from learned bad behavior, but I do not believe that rule applies to everyone.  This bitch is proof of that.  In this page long letter you can tell that she honestly feels like she is normal, a clear sign of mental illness.  Anytime you ostracize someone for behavior that does not harm or kill others around them, there is really something wrong with you.  If this woman can’t come forward and admit to her mistake, then she is the one that needs to be euthanized.  Right along with her “normal” children because I’m sure she has ruined them with this type of thinking.  I wish she would have sent me this letter; because I would have had a letter of response that would have been heard ‘round the world too.  It would have gone a little something like this:

Dear Deranged Evil Bitch,

Thank you for concern of where I allow my child to play daily.  I now know where to look for you so that I can kick your ass in front of your normal children, while my “retarded” kid cheers me on with the scary noises that he makes.  The tone in your letter lets me know that your family tree hasn’t forked in nearly two centuries, so I really doubt that the brother/sister/cousins that you have given birth to are all that normal either. 

Since you are so “pissed off”, why don’t YOU move.  Preferably somewhere deep in the woods where you can homeschool your children and continue raising them NOT to fit into a society that accepts the differences of others.  People like you should be sterilized.  People like you are the reason that we have hate crimes, war, and genocides.  If we could get rid of people like you, then the rest of the world could be inspired by the love I have for my child; because that kind of love is the love of a real mother, and the only kind of the love that will save the world.    


F*@#  you. 

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