Help, I’m a Facebook Addict

63223_1247612367926_5978776_nHi, my name is Kandice, and I’m a Facebook Addict.  I did all the proper mommy things tonight. Dinner, diapers, baths, hair, bed time story. Times 4 mind you….Then I read my Facebook. But there’s still more to do. Laundry, clean up, read Facebook, feed the dog (again), Write two papers, read Facebook, send off fax, receive a mini family intervention from my family on Facebook usage via telephone call, read and post on Facebook, update blog, shower (if there’s any hot water), let the dog out one more time. Check Facebook. Sleep a little. Get up at 7 am, check Facebook, cook breakfast and then off dragging 4 kids through a jam packed schedule for the day, in which I will check my Facebook periodically on my smart phone as we go. Hmmm, I wonder if there’s anything I can remove from this schedule? Perhaps the Facebook mini intervention, but definitely not the Facebook. Don’t act like it’s just me.  

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