Hannah Anderson: Lifetime Movie or Episode of Snapped?

hannah-anderson-selfie-leadI don’t know why, but this “selfie” posted by Hannah Anderson less than two weeks after the brutal murder of her mother and brother and after being held hostage in the woods for a little over a week, just doesn’t strike me as a girl who looks like a victim. (Story Here) I’ve been watching this “poor” teen “victim” since the story broke about her being taken by a family friend with an “unusual infatuation” with the teen.  The bodies of both her mother and brother were found burned in the home of her abductor on Aug 4th, and Hannah, just days after being rescued took to social media to share with the world about her ordeal.  As Psych major, I just don’t find her recent activity as normal.  Perhaps this is the new normal and I will have to adjust to victims basking in the glow of the media spotlight, but she just lost her mother and brother in an extremely violent manner.  Plus, after being held hostage for days, her level of trauma should have left no room for a desire to tweet about her experience.  Or even answer questions about them on ask.fm where her account has since been disabled, probably the suggestion of a legal advisor.  ABC News reported that “DiMaggio and 16-year-old Hannah Anderson exchanged about 13 calls before Hannah was picked up from cheerleading practice on Aug. 4. Both phones were turned off, and the home burned several hours later.”  Something about this timeline doesn’t ring well with me.  She told social media, “I wish I could go back in time and risk my life to try and save theirs. I will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them,”  Yet reports, after she was rescued, says that her father and the FBI told the media, that she didn’t even know they were dead when police found her. (Story Here) According to several of her online statements, Hannah had to have been present during the murders because the new evidence proves that her mother and brother were tortured before they were killed not just “tied up in the garage” as she suggested during her ask.fm questioning.  If she didn’t know that they were dead, what could she have possibly done to “risk her life to save theirs?”  Maybe I’m over thinking this, but I don’t think I’m the only one.   Anyone else wanna chime in here?  

Hannah Anderson Update (Her grandmother comments on my story)

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22 Responses to Hannah Anderson: Lifetime Movie or Episode of Snapped?

  1. Es says:

    Very well put. I am not buying it one bit. Why was she writing letters to him? There is moré to it.

  2. littleone10 says:

    she caught her mother with”uncle jim” father did same. Now she is not in control. she kills mon and brother and “uncle jim” tries to cover up so does her “real father” Hannah is the killer over jealousy. $112,ooo us a lot of money to a teenager but a real job would pay this amount in less than a year.

  3. Tailisin says:

    I have had a difficult time believing this teenager is an innocent victim. I make behavioral observations, assessments and am a master of body language. It’s my profession, I am a board certified Psychiatrist and have been in practice for 4 decades. If, this teenager had visible body piercings, tattoos, sported goth make-up and attire the media would be connecting the dots by now. However, as a rather superficial visual society we like ugly perpetrators and pretty victims. We don’t want to believe that an angelic blue eyed blonde haired teenage cheerleader is capable of lying, much less seducing her creepy Uncle Joe into double homicide. If, Anderson was not a prototype for Cheer leading Barbie, she would have already been publicly crucified by a certain blonde former prosecutor on a popular news channel and given some spiffy moniker, like “Lolita Mom Murderer”. This girl is much too slick, polished, calculated and in control to be the victim. Her body language is very overtly sexualized and she exudes an authentic aura of control over “Creepy Old Joe”. Trust me, teenagers do not spill their deepest darkest feelings to even the coolest nonthreatening Adults, therefore it is highly unlikely that Anderson was ” seeking counsel” about her “Mom problems” in writing to inappropriate middle aged Joe. I am a pretty, tiny non threatening Woman who can not reveal any tantalizing tid bits about my complicated teenage patients by law and most of the time a new client will take months, even years to be up front and honest with me. Trust is an earned commodity.. Now, if a troubled teen wants something, they will start lying, pretending to be emotionally invested.Why? Cognitive superiority, they know more than we do.. In this case, if my instincts are correct. Anderson has played us. She robbed is from “saving” an “all american beauty” and she is also responsible or a willing accomplice in the deaths of three people. Two innocent, one horrifically guilty of something very dark and twisted.. However, you will never know until you see her again, one day on the news in a mugshot for a DUI or shoplifting.. Maybe, arson..

    • raisinemreal says:

      You have SO hit the nail on the head as far I’m concerned. I really felt sorry for DiMaggio’s sister who came forward and try to say the same thing, but either out of fear of scrutiny or lack of words, just couldn’t get this point across. I watched Hannah at the memorial. She was so detached. There were people there not even close to family that seemed to grieve more than she did. Certainly now a month later, and after an interview with forced tears for the Today’s show, the shock should have worn off. I do believe it’s possible for pretty girls like this to be sociopaths. We’ve seen it before, does Patty Hearst ring a bell? I believe she played us all, and the only people that can and would have told us the truth, are dead. People wonder why Hannah’s mom had the DNA kit in her car. I think she was trying to prove there was sexual relationship going on between Hannah and Uncle Joe, and she faced Hannah’s wrath when she confronted her. Joe, manipulated as well, just helped her cover it up. There’s too much evidence that points to Hannah helping Joe while they were on the run. For example the painstaking extremes they went through to cover up the car. Joe didn’t do that by himself, and if he did, why didn’t Hannah run while he was doing it? She had no scars of a true victim after she was caught, and with DiMaggio’s demise upon capture, no one to tell of her dastardly deeds. It’s funny, but now she reminds me of the character, appropriately named, Hannah on the T.V. show Dexter. I would say art imitates life, but that season aired long before this incident. Perhaps Hannah was imitating art. She won’t be able to control these urges for much longer, and her family will not be able to continue to hide it. Thanks for your response, I really enjoyed reading it. And thanks for reading.

  4. simone hortz says:


  5. Krazyred says:

    My theory: Hannah and James were involved. Mom found out about it. Mom confronted James and found Hannah there. He killed mom, then because the boy was a witness, he killed him too. Or maybe the killer was Hannah and James was trying to cover it up. Afraid that it would come out that he was having sex with Hannah. Then they fled to Idaho. Jame’s knew it was a matter of time before they would catch them. He told Hannah that they would more than likely kill him and that she could claim to be the innocent victim and go on with her life. (After all he left money to her?) The Russian Roulette game is BS. She is going to be her own worst enemy. Her guilt will eat at her. Even if she goes for years without being found out, poetic justice will prevail.
    From the time she was “rescued?” she has alway’s seemed to be “showing her big pretty smile” for the world to see. Where was the devastated teen that had just lost her mother and brother to an insane maniac? She has drummed up a few tears, but they are more pathetic than anything. Is she still wearing pink and blue nail polish, pink for her mom and blue for her brother, that she has done by a nail tech? I’ve never heard of someone going to get their nails done after such a trauma. It seems to me that there would be some numbness to her, but not the “oh well” and a big smile for the camera, type of attitude. Then you have these idiots wanting to make a movie deal with her. Well that’s one movie I’d never watch. I wonder who she’ll bump off next when her funds start drying up, or she starts panicking that she is becoming a has been. Sorry Hannah, you never were Holywood material. You can’t act, your fakeness shows through. I thought her father was moving to Arkansas? What? Hannah have a problem with that? Too far from Holywood.? Did they test Hannah for drugs in her system? They said James had drugs in his system, perscription drugs, viagra? Sorry but I am only saying what everyone is thinking. She is a pathetic joke trying to convince everyone she is sweet and innocent. Yeah, with that lack of emotions…………………! Now Daddy see’s dollar signs so he will stick by his little Hannah. He better be careful that could backfire on him.

  6. Zip Ties and Lies, The Anderson/DiMaggio Case: is now available in paperback and e-book. This book explores the coldhearted “facts” — as we know them to be — police cover ups and screw ups, and the “firing squad” murder of Jim DiMaggio, maybe an innocent man, who was shot down in cold blood by FBI sharp shooters.
    Get your copy here: http://sj2448.wix.com/suejulsen

  7. Always-Investigating says:

    There are still a LOT of people talking about it, on ask.fm. Many questions still to be answered.

  8. Sonia says:

    I can’t believe they’re making a movie about this story for lifetime and they’re gonna play it off like she was a victim being held hostage but she obviously went with him willingly and had an affair with the guy

  9. Shelley says:

    Her actions are one thing.

    The other things were that on tv she said that she didn’t try to signal to the hikers that she needed help because he told her he would kill her and them.

    Seconds later she says he started a fire to “signal for help” and that was also why he had the gun. To fire shots for help.


    The fact that police did not jump on this major contradiction is appalling to me.

    Also, the footage of them at the border she does NOT look passed out. It’s not super clear but if she was passed out in the seat her head would slump forward. It’s not.

    Are the SD police that stupid?

    Makes no sense.

    I beleive she was totally involved in what happened.

    And her smiling selfies are not the norm. I could see if an older grandparent passed away, but this was a brutal murder of her mom and brother and she was supposedly kidnapped. I call BS on this whole story.

    She is evil.

    • raisinemreal says:

      Thanks so much Shelley for the read. I had no idea just how many other people had notice what I noticed. There’s hope for this country yet. Thanks again. Please keep reading.

  10. Sue Julsen says:

    So glad you are still keeping this misjustice alive. I now have Zip Ties and Lies, The Anderson/DiMaggio Case available in audio. I do suggest a print version to be purchased with the audio, just to see all the pictures in the E-book or paperback. The audio is great and the photos really show so much that words do not.
    Go to my website to order your format of choice today!

    Thanks again!

    • raisinemreal says:

      I don’t think I could do this near as much justice as you have Sue. Please keep up the great work. You are a CHAMPION!!!

      • Sue Julsen says:

        I wouldn’t say that, but thank you. I think we work together doing what we can to one day get justice served for Tina, Ethan, Cali, and Jim. We’ll both keep up the great work!!

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