Bomb Throwing Beauty Queen

article-2384931-1B28852F000005DC-262_306x423Every since 9/11 it has been universal knowledge that bombs are nothing to play with.  Or even joke about.  Just saying the word “bomb” in the airport gets you arrested, so you should KNOW that throwing homemade bombs at people and property is unacceptable.  You privileged bitches claim that you didn’t know it was wrong, but truth is, you just didn’t care.  This case further proves my theory that should we never award girls for being beautiful, it goes straight to their head, and not an ounce of intelligence is applied in the process; therefore beauty pageants are evil.  Not to mention money-making scams.  This news story is further proof that the “entitled” attitude of teens today really needs to be addressed.  They have no fear of injury to themselves or others and we as parents must begin to combat this at HOME.  Then your child won’t be on the news looking surprised when someone tells them their jokes aren’t funny, and are actually against the law.images (1)

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