What if Disney World Fell into a Sink Hole?

1376321235000-AP-APTOPIX-Sinking-Building-ResortI’ve been reading quite a bit about Florida’s “sinkhole” problem lately.  Especially the one last March that sucked in a sleeping man while his brother watched helplessly.  I’m a huge fan of horror, so anything that scares me has my attention.  Just the other day I was talking about taking my kids to Disney World in Orlando.  Then this story hit from a resort close to Disney World (Orlando Sentinel Update).  Visitors had only ten to fifteen minutes to gather their belongings and get out before nearly 24 units were sucked into a sink hole.  Of course the president of the resort is reporting today that all is well, it might not be a sinkhole, and that the resort is still open for business; but come on, it’s not like sink holes are predictable right? And that picture, it looks like a sinkhole to me.  I mean, where’d the sidewalk go???  What if I’m riding in the Tea Cups with my kids and it turns out to be the last ride of our lives???  I’ve heard it’s a small world in those sinkholes.  Dark too.  I’m not saying don’t go to Disney World, I’m saying take some sinkhole survivor tips if you do.  Now I know why my grandparents were always saying that Florida was going to fall off into the ocean.

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