Is Someone Other Than You Watching Your Baby?

13974464_BG1I’m getting this warning out to Parents, because I owned one of these. Noticed the word: Owned.  Yes, it’s past tense now.  I thought they were inventions sent straight from God when I first purchased it.  No longer having to run into the room and just miss the action wondering who is telling the truth, it really was a sense of control for a woman with three toddlers and an infant.  Well consider that peace of mind shattered this morning as I discovered this news from ABC News.  Forget about big brother watching, you need to worry about your neighbor, and other pervs that might be cruising the neighborhood.  All you have to do is purchase one of these things, charge up the wireless monitor, then drive through your neighborhood and look into all the houses.  What this news story doesn’t tell you is that cameras are remote controlled from the monitor and can be moved sometimes up to 360 degrees to give unwanted voyeurs a view all around your house.  And it gets scarier, these cameras come with the option of connecting more than one camera throughout your house, and can be hooked up to the internet so that you monitor things from home when you are not there. One couple who had the internet hooked up to their baby’s monitored came in to discover a hacker with a British accent yelling obscenities at their sleeping child.  Oh baby.  I smell a lawsuit coming from this one!!!

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2 Responses to Is Someone Other Than You Watching Your Baby?

  1. I saw this on the news today too. So scary. Why do there have to be such creeps out there?

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