Judge Changes Baby’s Name from Messiah


Judge orders mother to change baby’s name from Messiah to Martin.  While I’m sure this case will earn infamy in appellate courts, perhaps even be taken all the way to the Supreme Court, there is a lot to be said here about separation of church and state.  I myself have often complained about some of the asinine names people have hung on their children, but I must stand back now and say, “Who am I to judge?”  I suspect that this Judge will take a lot of heat out there for this considering names like Nevaeh (Heaven backwards) and the infamous Hispanic name Jesus (pronounced Hey-soos).  No one is throwing a fit about Blue Ivy and North West and let’s not forget my favorite of them all, Michael Jackson’s son Blanket.  Forcing this Tennessee mother to change the name of her son is simply of case of power gone to a judges head.  But what else can you expect in the buckle of the Bible Belt.  I say, Go Home Judge…you’re drunk in the Holy Spirit.  More likely off the sacrament wine.

(Story Here)


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2 Responses to Judge Changes Baby’s Name from Messiah

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    Kandice, if this were Jersey, New York or California the name would never be an issue. This is Tennessee– the heartland of bigotry.

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