Hard Lessons Build Character

jeopardy6n-1-webI’ve spent quite a bit of time wondering why it is that this generation feels so entitled.  Could it be that as parents, our fear of our children experiencing the same sadness that we may have temporarily felt as children has caused us to shelter our children from very necessary and valuable life lessons?  Could it be that shielding our children from the punishments that we faced during childhood has hindered them in life, thus as I’ve said before, retarding them in a way that may spell out a very unfortunate and disillusioned reality for them in the future as they set out into the real world.  Just the other day, I became outraged at an episode of Jeopardy.  So did many other viewers according to news reports, but I was outraged for a completely different reason.  It was the Jeopardy Kid’s Tournament.  And a kid was disqualified for his final Jeopardy answer.  The answer was emancipation; however the kid spelled it wrong.  So the judges, counted his answer as wrong.  The audience however, supported the child and cried out to show producers that he had been cheated.  As the closing credits rolled the child was visibly upset and showed incredibly unsportsmanlike body language, even as his parents gently tried to correct his angry stance.  As read I reports about the incident in the news over the next few days, I grew increasingly pissed off.  First, how can the public support the idea that we should over look misspelling in a day and age where language arts is drowning in the toilet?  Furthermore, if his answer was misspelled, frankly the answer is incorrect.  Is this the generation that we are raising?  Give them credit because even though they are wrong, we know what they meant?  Do you want to forgive a doctor for removing the wrong kidney?  I mean, he was supposed to remove a kidney, it just happened to be the wrong kidney, but he still removed a kidney none the less right?  Do we let it slide? Because giving these A’s for effort to this generation only means that this will still be the generation that will be operating on you in the future.  The reason you get the wrong order in the drive thru, is because someone has passed these kids along all through school, and now they can’t cut it in the real world, and can barely cut it in the fast food industry, because they are always looking for someone to cut them some slack.  Is this the generation we want to raise?  People were pissed at me about my comments on Rachel Jentel, but even Tom Joyner offered her scholarship to any college of her choice.  I am not the only person that sees just how we are destroying the future for our children, by trying to soften life lessons for them.  My friend Britt over at Breast Meets West has written a lovely piece on “Cheaters” and the parents that encourage them.  I encourage you not to shield them from the hard lessons of life, but instead to be there to comfort them and teach them before hand on how to avoid them if possible.  That’s the whole point of Raisin’Em Real.

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3 Responses to Hard Lessons Build Character

  1. Britt says:

    Wow! And you and I are on the same page, obviously. Here’s a more heartwarming tale…

    Today on the beach I watched a 12 year old boy include smaller children in a pick-up soccer game, compliment goals on both sides, stop the game when my little Teddy jammed his finger, and then lead the whole lot of them in applause when he got up to rejoin the game. All of us were looking for his mom to buy her a drink. Someone is Raisin Him Real.


  2. Rhiannon Chavez-Ross says:

    Thank you for writing this!!! You summed up so many of my thought’s (and worries) about raising kids now. I myself am guilty of “sheltering” my kid’s from painful life situations, we all do. But this new generation is scary, the standards are so low for them.

    • raisinemreal says:

      Thanks for reading!!! Your positive feedback is fuel for my fire. I am hoping that we all become a part of this movement to save this generation and all future generations with the same passion that we talk about saving our planet. We can save the world, if we start with our children.

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