Zimmerman Not Guilty: Please Don’t Riot!!!

justiceMany of you may not understand this verdict.  But I do.  I have said it all along that this was not an issue of racism; it was an issue of self-defense.  I beg of you all not to destroy the community around you, but stop and think of how you change the community around you to keep these cases like this from ever happening again.  The not guilty verdict is not a shock to me.  If you watched the trial, and watched it with an open mind, you will know that prosecution simply did not prove their case, because frankly there was no case.  This 17 year old boy was out past what should have been his curfew, and was not being properly monitored by his parents. No matter what time it is, we need to know where our children are at all times.  We cannot allow our children to go anywhere they want to and at any time they feel.  They are merely miniature adults without the sense of responsibility to act as adults.  We must be vigilant with our children and keep careful watch over our children and their actions.  I don’t want to blame his parents, but when we allow our children to come and go as they please without a care, these are the situations they can get themselves into.  As a community, we feel that this is injustice because no child should be shot and killed when they are unarmed.  But the defense was able to prove that Trayvon was the aggressor, and they were able to prove that Zimmerman, no matter how he came to be in his position, was defending his life.  It was not premeditated, because he didn’t know who Trayvon was, yet alone his tender age.  Do not take anger and bitterness from this case, but instead a valuable lesson.  Keep your children close to you, teach your children the dangers of aggression, RaiseEmSafe, RaiseEmAlive, and RaiseEmReal.

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4 Responses to Zimmerman Not Guilty: Please Don’t Riot!!!

  1. ME says:

    The events occurred at 7 PM, this is not past curfew for a 17 year old. Please report facts…

    • raisinemreal says:

      A 7 pm curfew is exactly what this child, SUSPENDED from school, should have been under. Had my child been suspended from school for suspected drug use, he’d be lucky to get to close the door while using the bathroom, yet alone walk to a corner store unaccompanied. I do take all facts into consideration. Thanks for your comments, and keep reading. 🙂

  2. Can’t comment on the case since I know too little about it. But your thoughts on knowing where our kids are should be the first law of parenting. Gross irresponsibility by way too many parents is the cause of so much tragedy, heartache and crime in our societies today that it’s absurd. Well said, mate. David.

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