Not A Mission….A Movement

download (1)I’ve taken a lot of heat this weekend over my Trayvon Martin comments.  Many think that I am degrading a generation, especially when they attack my comments about Rachel Jeantel.  I found that as I wrote, my words became redundant because I couldn’t fully express myself without sounding as if I believe in an Illuminati or that I spend my time chasing conspiracy theories.  There is an awaking taking place in our society, and for the longest time I have been trying to ascertain what purpose RaisinEmReal serves.  I know that I want to change the future for my children, for your children, and for our children.  I just wasn’t sure what my mission statement was until I watched a special video this morning.  My mission?  To make us better parents.  I preach education and I feel that last week I was misunderstood.  When I say that we need to educate our children I am not saying that we need to send them to school.  I am saying that we need to teach them everything that we know, and know to be true.  And at the same time we need to continue learning, so that we continue to teach them and not make them feel as if our knowledge has limits and they will have to go elsewhere to further their real world education.  Withholding information to protect our children is no long plausible in today technological world.  The cell phone you give your child to keep close contact, also gives them a world of information at their fingertips that you cannot always control, or contain.  So we must teach them everything from how to cook an egg to how flush a car radiator.  Nothing is too much for them to learn or understand, especially when it is coming from us.  And I also feel I have to stress quality knowledge because the other day my four year old came into the kitchen to show me that she had learned how to twerk.  Where she picked up the dance, I haven’t a clue, but it was my job to instead of saying, “Stop, and get out my kitchen”, to take the opportunity to say, “Smart girls don’t dance like that.  Boys with bad behavior only want to see you dance like that so that they can take away your ability to feel good about yourself as an intelligent little girl.”  Did my four year old understand what I said?  Maybe, mostly likely not, but I will repeat this knowledge and more over and over again to her and her sisters. In the end, I will have educated them on how to respect themselves as women, rather than laugh and video tape her shaking her little ass, further encouraging these actions when she gets older.  This is what I mean by educate your children.  They are precious to us, so it our responsibility to teach them everything that will keep them safe.  We should not only educate our own children, but the neighborhood children as well.  We need to get to know our neighbors, and know them so well that we no longer schedule play dates, but invite them into our homes as if they were cousins passing through unannounced.  We cannot prepare our children by closing ourselves off in our own private worlds no matter how terrified we are in the world around us.  We make our world safe by exploring it, and learning about it, and teaching our children to do the same.  When we don’t live this way, we find ourselves shaking our heads at people like Miss Jeantel, and wondering where we went wrong.  I had the good fortune to meet a young man this weekend that reignited my fire for this blog.  I had begun to wonder what I was even writing for, and my lack of posting clearly expresses this.  I was beginning to lose hope in my message because I was losing sight of my message.  I really couldn’t even form the words, although in my heart, I could feel everything that I wanted to say.  I just couldn’t put into words.  Not words that you would understand.  After a chance conversation and watching this video, I had a breakthrough.  I’m not spreading a message with RaisinEmReal.  I’m starting a movement.  There has been a gap between parents and children for centuries that spans beyond age and generations, and boils right down to communication.  We all believe that there is no wrong or right way to raise children.  Or is there?  What if there was a way to bridge the gap, connect with our children, and really get them to understand us; before they become us?  Would you be on board?  Would you be willing to RaiseEmReal?  None of us are doing right.  But many of us are doing it wrong.  Either way, we’ve got to do better.   Do Not Miss this Video!

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3 Responses to Not A Mission….A Movement

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    It is not fun to be misunderstood or not know which direction you want to take. I’ve been in your shoes a few times too. You will figure it out.

  2. I admire your courage in telling it like it is. We can’t do better unless we face the truth and understand/admit where we went wrong within our homes and as a society. Making excuses for our children (or ourselves) does not help them. I really enjoy your posts and hope you continue with this movement. I’ve been exploring the concept of “connection parenting” where we can be more effective in discipline if we develop the foundation of a strong bond.

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