Chicago Genocide Update

slide_305025_2614683_freeSo I’ve drawn some conclusion here recently after receiving a request to update my story on Chicago’s Genocide.  A little digging discovered a discrimination law suit by a group of parents against the Chicago School Board and this caused me to dig a little further where I found a helpful map in the Chicago tribune that gives us a little more insight as to how and where the school closings are taking place in Chicago. Chicago School Closings Map

I stand firm in my conclusion that Chicago’s south side is under government attack and I find awfully suspicious that the school closings push children out of South Side almost completely.  It’s almost as Chicago is saying that no children should live in these areas at all.  What happens to the communities then?  Are they forced to move?  Abandon this potentially prime real estate?  And for those left with no children to raise, will poverty force them to eliminate themselves by way of violent crimes?  I found this site to give us more insight to the rate of crime in Chicago, and where it occurs. Chicago Crimes 2013 

Perhaps it is a good thing that families are being pushed out of this area considering its rate of child injuries by gunshot.  Granted we don’t want our children to be slaughtered, but still we have to keep in mind the reality of this situation at hand.  Is it fair that a community be forced out of their homes by careful orchestration behind the scenes?  And let’s also keep in mind that just because they move children out of the neighborhood by closing schools doesn’t mean that the children who are dying are actually attending school.  If this plan of theirs doesn’t work, we’ll end up with a lot of dead children whose only hope was taken from them when their schools were closed.  It’s a hard theory to prove, but it’s definitely something to think about.

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