We Are Failing Them

171552081I had no idea that I’d almost piss myself laughing when I tuned into the Trayvon Martin trial yesterday.  Yes, I’ve been a bit absent here on RaisinEmReal, but I’m still alive, and yes I still notice everything that parents need to be aware of.  So I could not leave you all without my humble opinion of the failing parents and school system of Davie County Florida that has been made SO apparently clear by the inspiration for the book Precious, aka Miss Rachel Jeantel.  I speak Ebonics, fluently. Even I struggled yesterday to translate not just her ghetto speak, but also her aloof and entitled attitude.  My laughter quickly turned to depression when I was floored with the realization that Miss Jeantel represents the female population in Trayvon’s generation.  Trust me, I have a 16 year old daughter and it is a fulltime job every day to keep her from heading down this path with her friends.  I pray that this affliction amongst our teenage population is not like a zombie infection and that I can keep her virus free until she leaves for college, but I’m really scared people.  Not just for my daughter, but for this world that they will all one day be running.

I may receive a lot backlash about this post, but it has nothing to do with race, or poverty; this generation coming into adulthood right now is just retarded.  I know, retarded is an offensive term these days but only when you’re calling retarded people retarded, so if you aren’t referring to the mentally handicapped, I mean challenged, (because handicapped is offensive now too) then the word retarded shouldn’t be offensive.  So I am going to reinvent the word by calling this generation, Generation Retard.  Don’t mistranslate me here, I’m using the word retard in its literal form meaning ‘slow’.  Because this generation is slow.  They have been retarded by us because we give them everything, and require from them nothing.  And when they are thrown into a public den of wolves, Rachel Jeantel is what they look like.  How much do we owe it our children not to cripple them with ignorance in real life situations?  I am sad that the Trayvon Martin trial has brought this crisis to our attention, because this trial was supposed to be a chance to prove that our justice system isn’t broken.  However, the prosecution’s key witness has brought center stage the failure we have brought upon our children in this country as parents, educators, and as a community.  I just hope that don’t remain distracted by the rest of the circus and start to make a few changes at home. We can’t continue to hope that our government will works these problems out for us.  We have to take a more active role in teaching our children not just academics, but etiquette and proper communication skills. Let’s not just raisin ‘em real my friends.  Let’s raise ‘em smart.

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3 Responses to We Are Failing Them

  1. Buppy Law says:

    Do you realize this young woman is not a native English speaker? She speaks Haitian Creole and Spanish as her parents are Haitian and Dominican. Yes, I believe it’s important to be articulate and well spoken. I also think it’s equally if not more important to actually say something of value. Unless you’ve given testimony at the murder trial of your friend and been asked the same questions repeatedly and in an aggressive tone for 6 hours, I really think you are unable to appreciate what she went through. Also, this post seems to miss the larger issue. A young person is having to relive likely one of the WORST days of her life in a high stakes and stressful situation and I doubt many adults could fare much better. You mention become “depressed” viewing her, um have you ever considered she’s also depressed and angry about why she’s even on that stand. She’s on that stand because someone she cared about was shot down like a dog and she heard his last living moments. Let that sink in.

    Also, just because this trial is on TV, doesn’t make it TV. This is what real criminal court proceedings look like. I understand your concerns about the state of our families and public education system and I share them. However, comparing an ESL student to legions of native English speakers who butcher it daily with “ghetto speak” really shows your ignorance about the subject of your blog. In the future, I hope you are more adequately prepared before you use a casual observation about an individual as your feeble example of an entire generation.

    • raisinemreal says:

      While I appreciate your willingness to stand up and defend Rachel, I have to point out that not only is your opinion bias; but you are only proving to continue to make excuses for this generation. She’s 19 years old and it’s time for her to take some responsibility. I’ve seen educated females the same age take the stand in cases where they were actually the victim of a crime, and fare much better than this child. I don’t care if her parents are immigrants or not. She’s been in this country long enough to know the language by now, and if she had paid attention in school, and if her parents had drilled education in their home, she would not be butt of a million jokes right now. Point blank, the child made an ass of herself on national television and it had nothing to do with her ability to speak English. The difficulty she was experiencing during questioning was due to her ignorance and her attitude, and as responsible adults we have to take the blame for not insisting that she do better. The resident who knew that she sat in her home and did nothing while a boy died outside her door held up better under fire than Rachel because she knew court room etiquette. When our children are unprepared in situations that we should have prepared them for, then it’s time for US to take responsibility for that and change it, rather than make excuses for the embarrassment that it has caused. Even Trayvon’s father had to fight the urge not to just get up and walk out, because frankly, her testimony could lose the case for the prosecution. How much will you defend Rachel if that happens? My example of this generation is not feeble, there are cases in the news every day that proves it. You should read a few more of my blog posts. I promise you that I what I say is not off the top of my head nor is lacking irrefutable evidence. If you are offended, I imagine it’s because the truth hurts.

      • raisinemreal says:

        Also, not too long ago, I watched an African American 7 year old boy from Miami give testimony about the night his father was shot in front of him, and even he did better on the stand than Rachel. This blog post has come up under several searches according to my statistics page, and do you want to know what the search terms have been? “Rachel Jeantel Mentally Disabled” People aren’t thinking that it was problem with her English.

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