Child Photographs That Give Perspective

B_Id_383113_children-bridge1A few weeks ago I complained about the closing of schools in Chicago being the root of a genocide of sorts for the children of that city.  I did not get much response about the issue, and media has since dropped it as well.  I’m sure parents have put down their protest signs and the sound of these doors closing and cries from the newly unemployed have fallen on deaf ears. I was reminded of the plight of these fellow citizens when I came across a story through the Associated Press that not only inspired me, but caused me to count my blessings.  Things may not be ideal in this country, but it could be a lot worse.  We not only have to fight for what we have, but we have to appreciate it as well.  Hopefully these pictures and the story behind them will inspire you to think of solutions as well.

“NEW DELHI — Their classroom is a flattened patch of dirt and rocks under the elevated rail tracks. Their blackboards are rectangles painted on a chipped concrete wall. Their teacher is a shop owner with no formal training, but a conviction that education is their only hope.” Read More from the Washington Post




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