Grown Man Slaps 19 Month Old On Flight

jonahbBLACK HAWK DOWN!!!!! I’m not even pissed about the racial slur, but the audacity of this pitiful puddle of slime, (dead family member or not) has got me HEATED. In all honesty I would be locked up still today if he would have hit my kid on that plane. I’m an advocate of spare the rod spoil the child(within limits), and yes it does take a village to raise a child; but only one can be the executioner. If you raise your hand to my kid, not only will you pull back a nub but you’d better give your soul to Jesus because your ass is MINE. That baby’s mother must be a saint, because if it were me…all that would have been left of that plane when it landed would have been a bucket of bolts. Homeland security would have had to lock my ass up for terrorism because I would have gone straight Capone: I want him dead, I want his family dead; I want his house burned to the ground. (Read More Here)

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