Is Your Child Dressed for A Sexual Assault?

A-woman-takes-part-in-a-rally-in-support-of-rape-victims-who-are-often-blamed-for-being-the-cause-of-sexual-assault.-e1354228193777I get absolutely pissed off that we live in a society that wants us to forget the basic scientific principle for which we exist on this earth in exchange for rose colored glasses in a fantasized matrix like world. Republican Florida state Rep. Kathleen Passidomo ruffled a few feathers recently when she referred to an alleged gang rape case out of Texas involving and 11 year old girl.  Her words were no more than a warning to parents, but misconstrued by media as meaning that child “had it coming”.  We all can agree that no one deserves to be raped, but at the same time (women) we have been taught to keep ourselves modest in dress and avoid certain types of unwanted attention.  But it seems lately that we have dropped the ball where our children are concerned.  No longer are children sneaking the clothes they want to wear against parents’ wishes into their back packs for a quick change before and after school.  Today, we actually purchase the clothing for them and occasionally take family photos in them.

To quote Passidomo, “her parents let her attend school like that. And I think it’s incumbent upon us to create some areas where students can be safe in school and show up in proper attire so what happened in Texas doesn’t happen to our students,” (sigh)  I guess when it comes out of a politicians mouth, you’re damned if you don’t and damned if you do.  So pardon me, but damnit I will.  I am in no way supporting any political parties in my opinion, but where do we get off saying that this womans’ statement is accusing the 11 year old victim of bringing the circumstances on herself?  Passidomo is not saying that it’s the little girls’ fault for “dressing sexy”; however she is holding her parents responsible for not teaching her the urges of basic human behavior.  We are always asking for new and effective ways to protect our children, but we so steadily overlooking the primary principle of prevention.  While we can’t protect our children from crazy gunmen in schools, we can teach them how to function appropriately in society to prevent such traumatic occurrences like the one in Cleveland Texas.

Layman’s terms???  Stop sexualizing your children.  Stop allowing them to wear the same clothes that you wear to the club.  If you can pick an outfit for the club out of your daughters’ closet, and she’s not 18, then you are DOING IT WRONG!!!!  What ever happened to teaching girls about modesty, and how to dress, think, and act like a lady.  What’s this generation going to be called?  Generation Ratchet?  News Flash parents, you mothers weren’t prude.  They were aware of Freud’s classification of Id in men and they knew that given the opportunity, the Super Ego and Ego would lose out and the worst result imaginable would take place if proper steps were not taken to prevent the confliction of the hierarchy in the first place.  So here is the exception to the rule.  It’s ok to be like your mother where issues like this are concerned.  Old fashion is sometimes a reference to tradition.  Tradition is what has kept us alive for centuries. Your babies’ safety is stake, and only you can teach them before it’s too late.  Raise Em Wise and Raise Em Real in 2013.


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3 Responses to Is Your Child Dressed for A Sexual Assault?

  1. Kris Hannah says:

    Ok, I get where you are going with this with saying our kids don’t need to dress slutty, but adding these two topics together was a terrible idea. This is to assume that the PARENTS are to blame for their daughter being raped and that the CLOTHES are the reason she was raped. How about we give the blame back to where it TRULY lies… the RAPISTS. The boys weren’t provoked to rape her by the clothes. They chose their actions because they wanted the POWER over that girl. Not because their sex drives were going crazy because of the clothes… and if that is what you read, they are trying to persuade others of their innocence and someone out there believed in it. It is so much easier to blame anything else, rather than the real reason. I’ve seen it so much. Society needs to realize that no one or nothing made the rapists rape except themselves… their sick minds.

    • raisinemreal says:

      Kris, Thank you So much for you comment. Yes, sick minds were the true culprit behind the crimes. But 18 minds? Simultaneously? I’ve been attempting to find the full story that I read earlier this year without luck and adequate time for searching. (But on my word I will find it and provide a link for you.) The story says that the girl was “known in the neighborhood” for dressing provocatively and performing sexual favors in the past for some younger peers. It also talks about the girl being in the custody of an older grandmother who is not really capable caring for the child. The 18 men who raped her, yes, had psychological issues without a doubt. But trust me, when you drive through a shady neighborhood common sense tells you to lock your doors. You can’t tell me that if this 11 year old girl had proper parenting and supervision that chances of this incident wouldn’t have been diminished considerably. We aren’t taking about a case like that of the girl that was gang raped outside of the school prom at Richmond High in California. We’re talking about a child that was allowed to roam the streets unsupervised and willing met a group of boys in an abandon trailer. This particular case has everything to do with poor parenting on ALL parts. The parents of the boys need be punished right alongside their kids. When you are given a birth certificate you are given a legal and social responsibility. This my dear once was a golden rule in this country back when things made a lot more sense. I really appreciate you reading my article and I apologize for any grammatical errors that may have made anything difficult to read. Please understand I am an old woman but a baby writer. I wrote this article because I felt that The New York Times article that I attached to the blog was fanning unnecessary political flames and I at least wanted to say something about it. Keep reading…I promise we won’t always bump heads. 🙂

    • raisinemreal says:

      And I should also clarify that when I say the boys parents should be punished right alongside them, what I mean by that is: If you know you have a monster. Get it treated and keep an eye on it. I know it sounds harsh to punish parents for the crimes of their children. But if I thought that every time my child left the house, I could go to jail. My child would never leave the house unsupervised until I felt they were trustworthy enough to do so.

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