Don’t Send Kids to School With Guns

83180Parents!!!  Don’t send your kids to school with weapons.  Should I even have to say that?  In the wake of the Sandy Hook slayings any parent who cares about their children have been flooded with fear.  We are all concerned with the best way to protect our children, but I assure you arming them with a gun is not the answer.  A sixth grader today pulled a gun on his classmate and pointed it at her head.  The gun was taken from his parents without their knowledge, it was given to him.  I suppose they figured that since the gun was empty and the bullets were contained in separate part of his backpack that everything would be ok.  I would have loved to have been in the room when this idea was concocted.  My tyraid at them would still be sounding off today.  “Sixth grader Isabel Rios said that it was during morning recess at West Kearns Elementary outside of Salt Lake City that the boy placed the unloaded gun to her and her friend’s head. Its ammunition was found in his backpack. ‘I told him I was going to tell, but he said, “If you tell, I’m going to kill you,”’ Isabel told (KSL News in Salt Lake City Utah)”

I urge you parents out there, to please for the love of God not make bonehead decisions in a crazed attempt to keep your child safe.  If these parents are so afraid to send their son to school without a gun, then maybe they should take him out of school, preferably before he takes out one of his school mates.  If you know parents like this, you are doing the entire community a disservice by not helping them. Don’t cower in your home and report them.  Talk to them. Get involved. Swallow your fear, stand up for the children.


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