Keeping Mom In The Picture

second pic download 450I was picking up toys after dinner while the kids played as they usually do in the evenings.  The thought occurred to me that I should make them pick this crap up, but I had no energy left for the hassle.  I had the television on in an attempt to drown out all of the screaming and squealing that only my children have seem to make into an artistic form of expression.  The end of the evening was here and so was my nagging lower lumbar pain accompanied by the all too familiar beginning pangs of a migraine.  I sat for a minute in front of ABC’s Night Line (for those of you who have kids that actually go to bed at a decent hour…kudos.) and was surprised to see a parenting story that made me smile.  Alison Tate’s blog titled “Mom Stays in the Picture” was originally written to spark awareness of the truth about body image after pregnancy and the artificial belief that that weight comes off like butter portrayed to us by celebrity gossip rags.  I’ve often wondered if these celebrities even ate during their pregnancies, or if they just allowed their unborn fetuses to double as fat burners.

I found it inspiring to see all of the mothers who have posted in participation of keeping themselves in photographs for their children despite how they feel about their image.  I was even inspired enough to submit one of my own.  Of course I’ve chosen one that’s slightly flattering, however I am going to test my readers.  I have another picture that I would love to share simply because I think its gut busting funny.  But I am ashamed of myself in the picture, because I just don’t “look right”.  However, if I can 50 readers to comment on this blog and share it with your friends, I will reveal the picture to you all.  In the meantime, you all can check out the page and submit your own photos because it’s not about how we feel about ourselves….it’s about creating memories of the way our children see us today and will remember us tomorrow.


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