Sexual Literature In Schools

102710957Here as I start to write this blog today I already know that it’s going be two parts.  This first post is going to explain what caught my eye about this subject and the second part will be my opinion after thorough research which will consist of an afternoon coffee in Barnes and Noble.  The more I search for background on the issue the more I want to drive there now, but my kids lost my car keys and the lock smith can’t make a new one until morning.  Now that I think about it, my missing keys might explain the backed up toilet in the guest bathroom.  I’m just going to take the Scarlet O’Hara approach to this one and not think about it today, after all tomorrow is another day isn’t it?  But this news story broke today and I can’t stop myself from writing about it.

In Catawba County, North Carolina a woman is holding a library book captive claiming it is dirty, foul, and sexually persuasive.  My words, not hers.  Actually, when Lori Phillips was asked why she was detaining the literature brought home from school by her niece, she responded, “”(It’s) graphic, disturbing and it wasn’t appropriate for her.” Phillips found herself shocked and awed by a coming of age book her niece brought home last week and in protest is refusing to return the book to the school for fear that another unsuspecting child will read it.  My thinking at first, and still is, that why would we want to sensor something as natural as the way the human body works.  Have we somehow without my knowledge slipped back into the days of burning books because the information was “too much”.  And since when is too much information too much?  I because to dig a little on the net about this book and upon discovering a few reviews from dissatisfied parents, I decided that I would need to read it first hand to form an honest opinion.  The first thing that popped in my head as I read the story was the time I discovered the now infamous book, “Our bodies, Ourselves” which apparently is a comic book of sorts compared to some of the Sex Ed books on the market today.  This is why I mentioned at the beginning of this post that this will be a two part post.  I never felt the need to allow literature or anyone else for that matter, teach my children the most important components and aspects of life.  I never want them to learn from anyone else, what I am responsible for teaching them.  Because I have this frame of mind, my now 15 year old daughter is transitioning through puberty with me ever knowing these books existed.  For example, “The American Girl Body” book is full of all the pre-teen questions that come with puberty and does a wonderful job at answering them all so I’ve heard.  Tomorrow with coffee in hand, I will confirm if this is true.  Will I purchase them?  Most likely not.  I personally don’t care how uncomfortable it makes my children, I will discuss these issues and many more with them.  Only I can get away with not listening to them, eventually I can and will make them hear every word I have to say.  While I may not purchase any of these books it not to be said that they are evil and should never be purchased.  I’m simple more strong willed than most parents which is why these books exist I’m sure.  For the parents who don’t like to pressure their kids and respect their privacy and such…these would probably be great and useful teaching tools. Again, I’ll be the judge of that tomorrow.  Until then, check out the news story…. – Columbia, South Carolina |

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