Election Day

Today I voted.  I took my five year old with me, and she was absolutely fascinated by the whole process, and even more excited to get her sticker afterward.  I’m posting today because I simply want to make a statement.  Today I did not vote a straight party ticket.  When I held my daughters hand on the way into the voting center day, I knew what I would be voting for.  I would be voting for that which would be in her best interest.  It seems many conspiracy theorists came out of the woodwork in this election year and I heard many crazy ideas about what might happen if we don’t get rid of our president but I haven’t heard anyone say what will happen if we do get rid of our president?  If any of you know anything about change, you should know that it takes time.  Our country was in a critical state when Obama first took office.  Our financial institutions were on the brink of failure, our military was stretched thin in two wars, and the bottom had fallen out of the housing market.  After four years these issues, although not resolved, have gotten better.  I don’t know when we started believing that the Presidential Office came with super human powers, but we really need dispel that myth.  If we don’t give him the proper chance to make change, what message are we sending to our children?  What are your feelings?


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