Drop The Octo, She’s A Mom

Nadya Suleman just can’t catch a break from the public.  News broke earlier this week that the mother of 14 had checked into rehab for help with an addiction to prescribed Xanax.  The pills, apparently given by her doctor during the height her media frenzy, have now turned into a problem of dependency.  I don’t know the full story, but I’m willing to bet that the dependency on the drug was not the primary reason for her mental health break.  She also claims sheer exhaustion as her need to check in and I applaud her for doing so. How many mothers out there don’t have the common sense to ask for help and take it on their kids instead?  We could have had another Andrea Yates on our hands.  I have always, and probably will always be in this woman’s corner because I understand her pain.  Maybe not the full extent of her pain, but I understand being swamped with multiple children and absolutely little to no help.  With five children, I am one drawing on the wall short of being a mental patient myself.  And any parent who has survived toddlerhood should be able to empathize with Ms. Suleman.  All parents should be able to identify with this woman because in a way she represents every mistake we could have and probably have made in the past.  People who bash Nadya are simply loathing her for how they see themselves within her. Just remember back to your awkward days in school and know that Nadya never grew out of that.  I watched her on Oprah last year, when they staged her “Intervention” with Suzie Orman.  I felt like I was back in primary school watching two bullies push around the weird kid.  None of us are ready to be pushed into the limelight and those of us who think that we are, don’t have a clue and should be pitied.  As a society we can do so much better than stone this woman every chance we get.  We can think about the innocent children that didn’t ask for this situation, and we practice a little forgiveness and charity.   She’s not giving up, she’s just asking for help.  We could all use a little help sometimes.



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