3 white NY high school students in blackface re-enact Chris Brown-Rihanna beating

When I awoke in this morning and settled in to read the news I for sure thought the headline was a link to a virus. I almost didn’t click on it, thinking, “No way.”. After discovering the story was true, I couldn’t wait to get over here and share it with all of you. The outcry of racism is what bothers me the most about this story, but probably not in the way that you think. I am disturbed that we are more offended by these children putting themselves in black face, than we are concerned about the message they were giving us. Whether or not the skit was racists can be left up to debate however there is a more important issue to discuss here. Domestic Violence. I’m not sure how the skit played out, but I will bring you up to date on the real life story that has played out in the media and in they eyes and ears of your children. Chris brown beat the crap out of Rihanna and a campaign ensued against him and for her in the name of Domestic Violence Awareness. Flash forward 3 years and celebrity gossip rags are reporting them getting back together. It’s bad enough that some children have to see this first hand in their homes, but what if that’s not the standard you are setting for your children in your house? Well, now they get to see it first hand too. On their T.V, IPod, Social Network. And the result? This Waverly High School pep rally skit. While the issue of black face has to be addressed, I find that it is a mere incidence of ignorance. When are parents going to start asking the question why our children find this type of re-enactment acceptable, entertaining, and humorous? What happened between these two grown people was a tragedy. How they are allowing it to play out in the public eye is an atrocity. But if we as parents do not address and correct this way of thinking with our children,we will be utterly irresponsible.  Raise them responsible, raise them real.



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