Co-Sleeping: Making baby safe and secure

I found myself searching the internet tonight for important issues to share with my fellow parents out there when I came across a recent news story out of N.Y. from the Baby Safe Sleep Coalition.  It turns out that September was SIDS awareness month and the BSSC is stressing that these tragic cases are 100 percent preventable.  I will not argue with that, however, I will share with you something I discovered as an EMT.  I was unfortunate during my time in that career to have to run a couple of these calls and one case in particular always stood out to me.  I was never able to get air into the baby’s lungs.  Not to be grotesque, but frankly speaking, it was as if the infants lungs were full of fluid.  No matter how hard I tried, I could get no chest rise and fall.  I had only experienced this with drowning victims in the past and till this day, it baffles me.  The BSSC website suggests that all SIDS cases are preventable because the cause of SIDS is suffocation.  This may be one cause, but I don’t believe it to be the only cause and truly hope that this “suggestion” does not have parents out there unnecessarily beating themselves up.

Whatever the case or cause we still have to keep our babies safe. Right?  Which is the reason I wanted to share this story and my thoughts.  I co-slept with ALL of my children.  I breastfed and this was what I found to be the easiest for me.  I DO NOT recommend this however because honestly, I feel that I was lucky that I did not smother any of my children.  On the positive side, I will say that I feel co-sleeping created a strong bond between myself and them.  It made breastfeeding easier and was probably the sole reason for my success at it.  I can’t tell you why I chose ignore the risks other than I felt confidant that I was a light sleeper enough to not roll over on, or smother my kids.  A part of me feels guilty now for even putting them at risk, but I am thankful for the bonding experience.  For those of you that want to read more or even start up a discussion on the matter I’ll leave you the link, and the comment section open.


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