Manslaughter: 10 year old kills infant

The synopsis of the story is this:  10 year old child of caretaker drugs 3 month old baby with her own ADHD medication and suffocates the infant. Now here we are again in this country standing in awe wondering how the youngest person in the state of Maine to be charged with manslaughter was placed in a position for it to even happen in the first place.  In my post, Who Watches the Watchers, I beg parents to investigate their caretakers as if they are the F.B.I.  These are your children.  You owe them at least that much.  My heart goes out to this mother, as I can’t begin to imagine her pain after losing a baby, and I will not bash her here.  I understand that she is not at fault for what has happened, and she every right to call for the prosecution of the child’s mother as well, because the child’s mother is who she left her baby in the care of.  As for the caretaker in this situation, if you know your child is on medication, you also know that you should be watching them like a hawk.  It may not be your fault that they have a medical condition, but it is your responsibility to monitor them closely.  Especially in the presence of other children.  This is a sad story, and a story that I share with you all to make you aware of how NOT to allow these things to happen to you.  I always joke that I’m just one incident away from being on Nancy Grace, but the truth is parents, we all are.  Be vigilant.  Raise them Real and keep them alive.  (And out of jail.)

10 year-old facing charges in infant’s death

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