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Here lately I have been I have been sharing my experiences on Yahoo Answers and I wanted to share with everyone here on the page.  I am happy to answer questions here on the blog just email me.  My advice is not expert advice it just information based on my experience.  I appreciate you all taking the time to read it.  Thanks.


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Question about girl friendships in elementary school?

My 8 year old daughter, high functioning autistic, had problems with a girl who was bossing her around and not being very nice. 3 weeks later my daughter said she and the girl are now friends and play together a lot. My first thought was “Maybe she shouldn’t play with her since she was mean in the past. Is this pretty typical for girl friendships? I don’t have any other kids so I don’t know what to expect. Thanks
Raisin Em RealRaisin Em Real
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I have five children. Four of them are ages: 1, 2, 3, and 4. And then I have my 15 year old daughter. From my past experiences with her I can tell you that this is very typical with girls and gets worse as they get older. They will be best friends one day and enemies the next. My best advice to you is to stay out of it. Have no opinions and allow your daughter to work this on her own.Teach her the basics of how we should treat one another and let her fly. Still monitor things though. When you see that she is being unfair, stop her and get her to understand where she is wrong. When it’s the other girl, step back, and allow your daughter to learn and process the actions of others. Be mindful that she isn’t being bullied, but try and remember at the same time what you experienced growing up, and what it taught you. Some harsh and painful childhood lessons are necessary for positive growth. It hurts to watch your baby hurt, but think of it as adolescent immunizations. We don’t want to see our babies get shots, but we know it’s for their own good. Come check out my blog over at http://www.raisinemreal.com I’d like to feature your question and my answer there. But with your permission only. Msg me.  

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    • raisinemreal says:

      Hey, thanks so much for your comment, and I appreciate you spreading the word. My goal here is to try and help parents realistically raise their children despite government standards that are hard to live up to at times. This a place where you can get information that will help you as a parent to think about things that no one really warns you about. I hope you keep reading. Thanks again.

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