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This story caught my attention through the National news yesterday and caught my attention again on my local news this morning.  I am so guilty of this, yet I am not ready to give my approval on this subject just yet.  Why?  Because past studies have been done showing that music playing in the background actually improved developmental skills in children, so how is television noise any different?  Content, was my first thought.  The parents surveyed showed their kids on average were exposed to 232 minutes of background television.  For some reason African American children were singled out among the most at risk, as well as households with more than one television.  I haven’t read the entire study, but the abstract alone has me scratching my head as to how they came about this conclusion.  I’ll try and keep you updated as I research it, but in the mean time, you guys take a look at our local news story, who in my opinion made this story all about the “poor little black children”, and decide for yourself.

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